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DIY Half Moon Stone and Wood Necklace

Inspired by nature and it’s wonderful textures, this handmade necklace is perfect if you have a nature loving friend to gift to.. or for yourself, of course. The little trick is we’re not using real stone, as it would be too difficult to shape out as an half moon; we’ll be using instead oven hardening clay with a stone texture, which has this lovely dotted grunge effect on its surface. Paired with a natural wood stick it comes out to be a nice warming gift for someone you love.

Modern half moon necklace diy set1

What about the half moon shape? Well, the grunge texture of the clay quite resembles the lunar surface, plus we love all things geometric and this pairing of a half circle plus rectangle just makes our hearts twinkle! Keep on reading and discover how you can make your own geometric necklace without any specific jewelry making supplies.


  • oven hardening clay – stone effect
  • knife or cutter
  • baking sheets
  • wood knife
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • gold chain

Modern half moon necklace diy supplies

1. First thing to do is to cut a part of your wooden knife so that we have a ready made rectangular wood shape. Regular scrissors will easily do the job.

Modern half moon necklace diy slice

2. Next we have to create the half moon shape from the oven hardening clay. Work the clay with your warm hand until it gets soft, make a ball and then roll it out leveled on the baking sheet using a rolling pin or something similar (for instance, I used a glass bottle). Then find something round at home that has somewhere the diameter of the wood piece we cut in the previous step and crop a nice round circle shape. I used a small jar’s neck.

Modern half moon necklace diy assemble

3. Then just cut off an edge of the circle like shown below, much over the half. Bake your shape for 30 min at 110°C (but always check your own clay producer instructions).

Modern half moon necklace diy cut

4. While the circle cooles down from the oven, glue the chain to the back of the stick like shown here. Then glue the stick on top of the half circle shape. Let everything dry.

Modern half moon necklace diy glue

Well done! Now you have your own all natural handmade necklace and it’s soft toned hues will pair to any color choice outfit you’re going to wear. Have fun mixing up different clay textures with your wood, many brands offer various clay finishing such as glitter, pearled, colored and.. glow in the dark!

Modern half moon necklace diy set5

Modern half moon necklace diy set2

Modern half moon necklace diy set4

Modern half moon necklace diy set1

Modern half moon necklace diy set3

Modern half moon necklace diy set6

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