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15 Irresistible Pumpkin Recipes That Will Get You Through to December

Just because November is coming to an end and Thanksgiving has come and passed doesn’t mean you can’t keep enjoying your favourite seasonal fall flavours and foods right away! There are still a few days left in the month and besides, there are no steadfast rules that say you have to give up the best things about fall the moment a certain time of year or day passes! That’s why you’ll still catch us eating all of the pumpkin recipes we can get our hands on right up until our family starts feeling the Christmas spirit and demanding recipes that are a little more holiday-centric instead.

Just in case you love pumpkin more than just about any other ingredient in the fall too, and you’re also looking for more recipes to get you through to the holidays, here are 15 mouth watering pumpkin recipes that will help you preserve that delicious fall taste!

1. Pumpkin ricotta pizza with graham cracker crust

Pumpkin ricotta pizza with graham cracker crust

If you’re going to keep up the pumpkin menu on into winter because you just can’t help but feel like you didn’t get quite enough during the fall, you might as well make something unique, right? In that case, we absolutely suggest taking a look at this pumpkin pizza recipe made with ricotta cheese and a delicious graham cracker crust. Check out the full ingredients list on Colavita Recipes!

2. Bourbon caramel pumpkin pie

Bourbon caramel pumpkin pie

Are you the kind of perpetual fall lover who will make a delicious pumpkin pie any time of year, whether it’s fall and Thanksgiving or not, just because you love it so much? Well, we certainly can’t say we blame you! We think, however, that you should definitely start collecting unique pumpkin pie recipes with extra flavours and ingredients that will help you keep things interesting! This year, we became completely obsessed with this bourbon caramel pumpkin pie from Town and Country Mag. It’s got that pumpkin spice you love but with a little bit of extra bite and sweetness thanks to the added flavours that go above and beyond.

3. Nutella swirled pumpkin pie

Nutella pumpkin pie

Are you totally into the idea of continuing to enjoy pumpkin pie long after some people would choose to stop, but the recipe we listed above just doesn’t quite catch your attention? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at this pumpkin Nutella swirl pie from Sally’s Baking Addiction! It’s the perfect balance of pumpkin spice fall flavours and deliciously sweet chocolate for a mouth watering blend.

4. Pumpkin tart with chocolate olive oil crust

Pumpkin tart with chocolate olive oil crust

Are you quite keen on the idea of combining pumpkin with chocolate but you’re so completely in love with classic pumpkin pie filling that you don’t really want to change that part of your baked treat up? Then maybe you should check out how Colavita Recipes made this completely scrumptious chocolate pie crust! We love that they chose to make their crust using olive oil for a slightly healthier choice than they could have made using other more classic recipes.