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DIY Pebble Heat Trivet

Here’s a great gift idea for a new homeowner. It’s something they can immediately use when they have a ton of family and friends over to celebrate their new house. Give them a heat trivet made of small stones that you created yourself. A pack of river stones from your local craft store and felt is just about all you need to create this small and functional piece of art.

Diy pebble heat trivet

For this DIY, you’ll need:

  • An 8″ x 5″ x 11″ piece of stiff felt
  • Craft glue (E-6000)
  • A pack of river stones
  • Scissors
  • Wax paper
  • Something round to measure your circle with (here I’ve used a small plate)

At your local craft store you’ll have an option of choosing regular felt, or stiff felt. Stiff felt works best for this project because in the end it keeps the trivet firm and flat, which is great for multiple and heavy use; though, you can use regular felt if that’s all you have or can find.

Diy pebble heat trivet stencil

Lay your felt down and place a round object on top. Be sure that it is large enough to measure to the size trivet you want in the end. Lay it in the center of the felt and outline the object to create the circle. If you have a darker color, such as black or brown, use a white pencil or even a white eyeliner pencil to create the outline. Cut out the circle.

Diy pebble heat trivet cut

To protect your surface from the craft glue, lay down a piece of wax paper before applying the glue to the felt. Squeeze a small amount of E-6000 glue to the felt and add a stone on top. Continue to glue down more pebbles until the entire piece of felt is covered.

Diy pebble heat trivet glue

Allow the glue to dry according to manufacturer instructions.  If you want, you can seal the entire trivet with a clear coat of varnish to finish.  Use the trivet once the glue has completely dried. In the end, you’ll notice the difference between using stiff felt versus regular felt.  Because the stones are heavy, the stiff felt will definitely hold up better.

Diy pebble heat trivet let it dry

Create many of these in different sizes depending on the pot or pans you have.  And be sure to let your friends know that you made these rustic, kitchen trivets, perfect for parties!

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