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15 Inspirational Papier Mache Crafts

Papier mache is one of those DIY techniques that everyone knows about and everyone has seen, but not everyone has actually tried making for themselves. Once you’ve got the basic technique down, it’s pretty standard working from there on out. It’s just a matter of finding an idea that you love and figuring out how to achieve the shape you really need!

Check out these 15 awesome papier mache inspiration projects that you can either recreate or build upon, depending on your experience level with the technique.

1. Seedling pots

Seedling pots

Have you ever heard of seed bombs? If so, then you’ll have no trouble with this craft! You’re basically using papier mache techniques to create a seed pulp paper cup, the same way you would create a classic paper pulp seed bomb ball. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, don’t panic! There’s a full tutorial on Kids Chaos for you to follow along with and learn from.

2. Big papier mache letters

Big papier mache letters

Alex Elementary Art guides you through the process of creating awesome chunky block letters using classic papier mache tactics over a frame made of cardboard shapes taped to be 3D. We love the idea of painting them with all types of colours and patterns once the letters are completely dry!

3. Lollipop pencils

Paper mache lollipop pencils

We’re completely in love with these swirling papier mache pencil toppers from Craft Whack because, besides being fun to make and paint, they make the pencils look like giant lollipops! These might be the cutest DIY writing utensils we’ve ever seen.

4. Hanging bird nest scenes

Hanging bird nest scenes

These hanging bird’s nest scenes by Poppytalk are actually quite easy to make, as they’re shaped using the classic papier mache balloon method. Once you’ve let it dry, popped the balloon, and removed it, however, this craft gets a little more interesting. This set of hanging mobiles is unique particularly for it’s delicate and intricate art, which you can do in a number of ways. You might build a diorama inside one, sketch fine lines on another with a sharpie, or hand embroider a bird right onto the side. No matter what you do, the finished product will be stunning.

5. Flower decoupaged hanging lanterns

Geschenke aus meinem wilden garten

Do you like the balloon papier mache trick? There are plenty of gorgeous projects to choose from that use the same technique but give you different wonderful results! One of our favourites is this hanging lantern project by Gartenzauber, featuring dried flowers decoupaged onto the outside surface. Talk about delicate and whimsical!

6. Decorative “rocks”

Decorative "rocks"

Are you hoping to built a faux garden display somewhere in your home, or perhaps provide your kids with realistic building materials for the castles they’re always imagining? Papier mache is definitely the answer here! Check out My Lady of Gourds‘s detailed tutorial on how to build detailed faux rocks.

7. Scrap fabric mache bowls

Scrap fabric mache bowls

Did you know that you can actually do the same beloved papier mache technique you’re used to in order to get a similar effect with other materials? These super fun bowls by Bread and Buttons

are a great example because instead of being made with strips of paper or newspaper, they’re created by doing “papier mache” with strips of patterned fabric!

8. Paper mache confetti bowl

Confetti bowl

Do you love the idea of a simple papier mache bowl, but you’d prefer something with a bit of a unique twist? Try using confetti paper instead of strips or sections! These patterned confetti circles are the perfect way to get an alternative look while still building the DIY project that you really want. We love the spots where you can see between the circles, but only a little bit! Check out how this bowl was made on So Craftastic!

9. Paper mache cactuses

Paper mache cactuses

Are you so bad with house plants that you’re concerned even an easy to care for succulent might die? That doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a little “greenery” into your decor scheme! These hilarious little papier mache cacti are the perfect with to give the illusion of plant life in your apartment without actually having to sustain any plant life. Check out how they’re made on Design Sponge!

10. Decorative gold bowls

Decorative gold bowls

Instead of making large, deep mixing style bowls, consider a more shallow, decorative set with a gorgeously shiny golden finish and some polka dots for flair! Homethetics walks you through the process step by step.

11. Papier mache heart ornaments

Paper mache heart ornaments

Paper Moss guides you through the process of making gorgeous 3D heart ornaments that you can finish in a number of ways. We love these shiny colours and how they contrast with the single heart that’s been finished with words and a matte gloss.

12. Paper mache bracelets

Paper mache bracelets

These papier mache bangles are easy to make but completely gorgeous to wear. You can make them in any number of colours or patterns depending on whether you choose to paint them or simply use patterned paper. Find out how to get the shape and change it up on Hub Pages.

13. Paper mache leaf bowl

Sony dsc

In the category of alternative materials you can use to make papier mache style crafts, did you know that you can also recreate most of these projects using leaves? We’re absolutely in love with this delicate looking leaf bowl design from Hello Lucky.

14. Paper mache lace doily lamp

Paper mache lace doily lamp

365 Days of Crafts has yet another papier mache alternative for you, and it’s lace doilies! This spherical light cover is so pretty that we’re considering leaving the rest of this post unfinished so that we can go and make our own version immediately.

15. Paper mache dinosaur eggs

Paper mache dinosaur eggs

Are your kids around the age where dinosaurs are the biggest interest and essentially the coolest thing in the world to them? Then making papier mache dinosaur eggs is probably the greatest craft you could possibly do with them at a birthday or slumber party! Find out how to recreate these awesome gold speckled dino eggs on Catch My Party.

Do you love doing papier mache but you don’t see your favourite project to make on our list? Tell us what we’re missing in the comments section!

  1. Second covid lockdown and I’m looking for ideas to get the kids away from the games for a bit😆🙏thank you for this, we’ll have plenty of ideas for some really wonderful and messy times 🥰

    • Oh, the kids are a handful, aren’t they?!!! Loved the idea, they stick to the games a lot, and this helped!! Thank you for this, we now have a ton to do for fun, messy, fun, exciting, and relaxing.

  2. I’d like to know how to put phrases on the paper mache
    Do you have recommendations for creating phrases and applying them to painted paper mache Christmas bulbs? Is there a way I can do it on computer or purchase appropriately sized phrases?


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