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Stunning Paper Quilling Projects

We’ve learned how to do many different DIY and crafting techniques over the years, but one of our absolute favourites is one that we actually only began trying to master recently: paper quilling! No matter what shape you create or how simple you keep thing when you’re still learning, paper quilled projects look almost irresistibly pretty.

Check out these 15 stunning paper quilling tutorials for people at all levels so that everyone can take part in creating something beautiful from deceivingly simple materials!

1. Quilled monograms

Quilled monograms

Are you decently experienced at curling simple paper quilled spirals but you’re still working on keeping things neat and tidy while you create nice shapes? Then letters are a great place to perfect your technique while still making something cool! Instructables  guides you through the process of making a pretty monogram, because who doesn’t love a little personalization?

2. Paper quilled lotus earrings

Paper quilled lotus earrings

Are you working on smaller pieces in more obscure shapes now rather than just circles and standard spirals, but you’re still not looking to make things too hard for yourself? Are you so in love with paper quilling that you’re keen to find ways to decorate your self in it along with your house? Then these adorable little lotus earrings from Honey’s Quilling are for you! They’re also a great opportunity to practice switching colours.

3. Royal pink flower

Royal pink flower

Are you looking to create something pretty and floral that will show off your delicate quilling skills to friends and family without being so difficult that you don’t want to give your hard work away when it’s finished? Then take a look at this pretty pink flower by Artimeno! Their tutorial is not in English but Google translate takes care of that easily and effectively for you.

4. Husking flower

Husking flower

Perhaps you’ve been paper quilling for a little while now but you’ve never tried layered paper quilling before? Then now is the time! This simple tutorial from Artlife shows you how to make loop petals, curling leaves, and a sprouting centre that looks almost realistic.