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Fabric Stenciling Projects

We make all kinds of DIY projects out of fabric on a regular basis. Sometimes these involves sewing and other times they’re a little more unconventional. Either way, we often find ourselves wishing that we had a way to make ourselves custom fabric in designs, patterns, and colours that we chose ourselves, rather than just what’s available in stores.

That’s where stenciling comes in to save the day! Fabric stenciling is an awesome (and surprisingly easy) way to transform plain white or solid coloured fabric into a patterned material in any design you choose! Stencil pieces of fabric that you might sew into projects or use the technique to embellish a fabric project that you’ve already made or bought.

1. Floral stencilled tote bag

Floral stencilled tote bag

Have you bought or made a tote bag that’s a little plane for your taste now that you have it home? There are plenty of ways to embellish a bag or purse, but we don’t always like having textured things like gems and glitter on something we use so much because we find they just catch on our clothing and fall off. That’s why we love this paint stencilling idea from Paint & Pattern. Choose a stencil that will help you make intricate patterns or design your own simple stencils and play with colours instead.

2. Stencilled wedding pillows

Stencilled wedding pillows

Are you having a casual, outdoor wedding shower with a bit of a rustic chic inspiration and you’re looking for simple décor to really make the place look cute? Then stenciling a couple of “Mr.” and “Mrs.” themed throw pillows can really take the comfort and styles levels to a whole new level at the same time! See how these ones were made on A Blossoming Life.

3. DIY stencilled fabric trays

Diy stencilled fabric trays

Do you have some fabric ends that you’ve been meaning to use for something creative and you’d prefer to make something more structure than just bed sheets? Then grab your stenciling tools, pattern your fabric, and once everything is dry, follow the steps on See Kate Sew to fold and stitch yourself a set of differently sized fabric baskets.

4. Stencil block curtains

Stencil block curtains

Do you love the concept of fabric stenciling enough that you’d actually enjoying putting your work on display in your living room or bedroom? Then curtains are the perfect way to subtly incorporate some pattern and design into your current décor scheme. The concept is pretty simple, but here’s a tutorial from Mabeyshemadeit to help you along the way, just in case!