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Freebie: Palm Leaf Exotic Poster

A summer trend that has become a must follow is totally having exotic everything in your home, in whatever room you prefer. Some people decide to go big and choose a rather – I say – more challenging way of incorporating this trend: I’m talking about dragging indoor lots of plants with big leafs. And I’m talking about plants that are way higher than a human being, that’s why this is the most difficult road to follow! Not everyone has an enormous home with such space just for plants, if you know what I mean. And in the end, such plants are expensive and demand pretty much of your care, so if you have a black thumb like me, well, sorry guys, this is not your solution.

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Another way, simpler but less stunning of course, of incorporating exotic leafs into your home without actually bringing plants indoor is to add decor elements, leaf shaped or exotic inspired, here and there around the home, just to get the vibe flowing. You can still have simpler, smaller and much less expensive plants around your home, without exaggerating.

To help you with the decor part, we’ve crafted up for you a poster that will do great basically in every room of your home; I can even picture it in a bathroom if you ask me! Since I’m a nordic home / mimalism lover kind of girl, I couldn’t help myself out than making it black and white. Green is not exactly a go-to colour when it’s all about adding decor to your walls. Did you notice this frame wasn’t actually nailed into the wall? Instead, just dropping frames here and there in your home, on shelves or even on the floor leaning towards walls, adds interest to the overall decor and if you’re on rent, saves you quite a head scratch!

How to set up your free home decor poster:

  • Download the poster from this link: Download Free Home Decor Poster Here
  • Print it at home if you have a printer big enough or bring it to you local shop. The maximum print size is 297 x 420 mm, but you can of course make it smaller depending on the frame you have.
  • Place it in a black or white frame. If you prefer, you can print it smaller and leave the passpartout up: this adds a nice thick white border, making it look even more elegant.

Poster palm

Poster palm2

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