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10 Best Outdoor Storage Boxes for the Money

As spring approaches, we can’t help getting excited about being able to use our backyard and outdoor spaces again until the snow returns. Each year when things outside have finally melted and dried, we try to spruce our yards up a little so we can be proud of them and feel calm out there during the warm months. After how crowded the backyard got with kids’ toys and gardening things last year, we know that the bulk of this year’s spring “sprucing” will be decluttering in order to help ourselves keep things a little neater out there this time around.

Outdoors Storage boxes

That’s why we’ve been gathering the links for the best outdoor storage we can find across the Internet. There are many different kinds and sizes of storage boxes out there, and we hoped to narrow the search down by comparing and contrasting their features.

What is an outdoor storage box?

For the most part, outdoor storage boxes are a smaller alternative to having a gardening shed. They’re intended to help you keep your yard organized and your outdoor supplies safe without taking up quite so much space in your yard. Many people keep their outdoor storage boxes in convenient places like by the hose hookup, on the deck, or beside the pool for storing toys and floaties.

What kinds of outdoor storage boxes are there?

The answer to this question is honestly changing all the time because companies are always coming up with cool new ways to give you something that’s stylish, subtle, or dually practical in another way on top of just being a storage box. Although they’re often just straightforward and simple, there are also outdoor storage boxes with seats on top or little edges so that you can stack other things on their lid between uses.

Best outdoor storage boxes

Ease your own search a little by checking out this pros and cons outline of the ten best storage boxes we found online!

1. Keter Marvel gallon resin outdoor storage box

Keter marvel gallon resin outdoor storage box

If you’re looking for something simple, durable, and easy to clean, then Keter might have just the kind of thing you’re looking for right off the bat.

This particular box works with a simple hinged lid, almost like a toy box or an old-fashioned storage trunk. Its slatted surface is designed to mimic the look of a wooden box but with less of a likelihood to get marked up.

Although this box gives you plenty of awesome lengths to work with, it’s slightly on the narrow side, which can limit what will fit inside slightly.

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2. Keter Eden storage bench deck box

Keter eden storage bench deck box

If you’re the kind of person who always prefers the most practicality possible in your purchases, then you might get a real kick out of the way Keter created this dual-purpose piece that’s half storage box and have an old-fashioned, shaped bench!

It’s the perfect piece for putting on a deck or porch. Lift the lid to access the yard toys or supplies that are inside, then sit on that same lid once it’s shit and lean against the back to relax.

The only real drawback with this design is that if you store things inside that your family uses often, then you might find yourself having to stand up over and over when they need something inside while you’re trying to curl up outside with a good book.

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3. Suncast horizontal outdoor storage shed

Suncast horizontal outdoor storage shed

Are you actually looking for something that will help you store color in a manner that’s a little more subtle and won’t detract from the garden you worked so hard on? Then maybe the simplicity of this design from Suncast will appeal to you.

This design lets you access what you’ve put inside either by lifting the top up like a trunkor by opening the front side like a pair of doors.

Just be sure to remember how you’ve stored the things inside, so you don’t open the doors and find yourself with all the supplies inside toppling out onto the lawn when you could have simply lifted the top lid.

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4. Suncast 73-gallon medium deck box

Suncast 73 gallon medium deck box

Are you feeling quite interested in the idea of a trunk-style storage box for your deck, but you’re also concerned about being able to move it around if necessary, even once it’s full? Then we think you’ll appreciate this design from Suncast.

Besides giving you 73 gallons worth of storage space, this trunk features convenient handles on either end that will help you shift it when necessary.

Of course, just because youcan lift the storage box once it’s full doesn’t mean you should. Keep your own safety and physical wellbeing in mind, and try not to lift very heavy things if you don’t absolutely have to.

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5. Suncast basket weave deck box

Suncast basket weave deck box

Are you very interested indeed in these simple, hinged top storage boxes because they’re a perfect size and shape for what you need to store, but you’ve also worked very hard to make a pretty desk space, and you’d like to get something that won’t visually detract from that?

Then we think you might appreciate this basket weave deck box offered bySuncast. In actuality, the box is made of resin that’s light, durable, and easy to clean, but the faux woven texture gives things a nice look.

This lid is very light and easy to open thanks to the placement and quality of the hinges, but we’d still suggest warning your kids to practice caution in opening and closing it. It will still hurt if it swings down unexpectedly on little fingers.

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6. Keter Weserwood wooden style deck box

Keter weserwood wooden style deck box

If you really liked this idea of a faux wooden box like we’ve shown you above, but you can’t help wishing there was a version with a slightly more realistic appearance, then we’d tell you to look no further than this design from Keter.

This box is once again made from a durable cast resin, but its surface was created with a much more detailed texture designed to mimic the natural grain on the surface of actual wooden boards.

Like we discussed before, this box is another one that comes with conveniently placed handles on the sides. This time, however, the handles are just carved cubbies rather than ones with good grip, so we’d suggestextra caution in lifting it when it’s full.

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7. Suncast small, lightweight resin woven deck box

Suncast small, lightweight resin woven guestbox

Are you actually still thinking about how much you liked the look of the faux basket weave storage box we showed you earlier on, but there’s nowhere in your yard that will fit a storage box that large? Then we thinkSuncast has the answer to your problems!

This resin boxalso features a faux basket weave in a rich brown color, as well as a convenient hinged lid for easy opening and closing.

It’s worth noting that the basket weave pattern on this box is actually only on the front and back, with a contrasting slat pattern on the sides for variety. We think it’s just as nice, but if you’rereally in love with basketweave, even that could be enough to influence your decision.

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8. Suncast 99-gallon large deck box

Suncast 99 gallon large deck box

Are you still on the hunt for an outdoor storage box that’s quite as big as you’re hoping to find since you have a nice, large yard filled with plenty of things, and you’d like to take advantage of the space? Then we’re pretty sure Suncast has just what you’re looking for in the form of this 99-gallon deck box.

This is the largest outdoor storage box we actually came across in our whole search.

The only potential issue worth noting on this box is once again with the handles. Because they cannot actually be held solidly around thanks to how they’re carved out, we wouldn’t suggest lifting it when it’s full because you won’t get a very good grip.

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9. Suncast 22-gallon cube style resin deck box

Suncast 22 gallon cube style resin deck box

Have you actually been holding out for a deck box design that’s a little more space-efficient but very sturdy, just to store a few essentials in but also hopeful that you can set something on top of, like a flower planter? Then we think you’ll do quite well with something like this square storage box from Suncast.

This cube is made of strong resin, making it sturdy enough that youcan set something of a reasonable weight on top.

Just make sure that, if youare going to set something on top of this storage box, it’s something that sits within the borders of the lid’s raised edge so that everything stays solid and even and there’s no risk of tipping.

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10. Suncast 50-gallon medium-sized resin deck box

Suncast 50 gallon medium sized resin deck box

Just in case you’ve quite liked some of the trunk designs you’ve seen so far, but you need one that’s a little bit smaller yet still spacious, here’s a box from Suncast that’s a great happy medium in terms of size.

This particular design has a 50-gallon storage volume, and it’s also lighter in its color in order to suit lighter painted decks or patio furniture sets more cohesively.

Because the trunk is on the larger side and made of quite solid resin, be aware that the hinged lid on this design can be slightly heavy. We’d suggest holding it open with one hand while you reach for what you need in the other, just to make sure it stays in place and doesn’t come snapping down on your fingers or head.

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Setting up your storage box

In reality,most outdoor storage boxes actually come fully built! Those that don’t are usually quite simple to put together because you’re often only required to affix moving pieces like the lid or doors into place. The ones that require assembly come with full instructions and often even diagrams, but there are plenty of tutorials for simple assembly of boxes just like these ones on websites like YouTube, eHow, and WikiHow.

Filling your storage box

To be honest with you, storage boxes are pretty simple and easy to use. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t a few storage considerations. For example, you might want to monitor the materiality of what you’re putting in your storage box in the summer if you live in a very hot place, just to make sure nothing melts or stops working if the box is in the sun.

Do you know another home improvement enthusiast who has been thinking about investing in some kind of deck storage or outdoor storage box but could use some guidance? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of options to consider.