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How To Choose a Gardening Tool Set – 15 Best Gardening Kit Ideas

With spring slowly awakening all over, fresh plants starting to peek through the thawing ground, and garden bedsalmost ready to be revived for the season, we’ve found our green thumbs tingling. We might not be themost experienced gardeners in the world, but we do pretty well. It’s true, however, that the best way to advance your skills after a certain amount of practice is to help yourself by investing in the right tools and making sure they’re of at least decent quality. After all, you can’t learn all the right techniques truly and properly if you don’t have what you really need to make it happen.

Best Gardening Kits

Of course, every tool you need for good gardeningis sold separately and individually, but paying all those different price tags to make sure that you’re fully stocked can add up quickly. That’s why we’ve been feeling very enthusiastic indeed about the idea of purchasing a gardening kit instead. We’ve been gathering the links to the highest quality gardening kit options we could come across on the Internet (since online shopping is the safest option for social distancing), comparing and contrasting their features as we go. We’re the kind of customers who really like to delve into the details of the things we might but in order to make sure that’s really the best option for our needs.

What is a gardening kit?

A gardening kit is a set of several tools and useful gardening paraphernalia that is all sold together in one package. Most garden kits include a good range of pieces spanning a variety of different functions and actions. They’re often usually sold with some kind of shared visual theme or color scheme, so you know which tools are yours, or at least which ones were purchased together in a set. Some kits are smaller, just covering the basics or a certain type of specialty. Others are larger, giving you bonus items like tots bags and aprons as well as the gardening tools themselves.

Why buy a gardening kit?

There are all kinds of reasons that someone might opt to buy a gardeningkit rather than just some gardening cools. Buying a kit can:

  • Help you save money by paying a bundled price rather than individually set and taxed prices
  • Help you replenish many old, broken, or damaged tools at once if you’re an experienced gardener
  • Set you up with a good foundation of tools if you’re a beginner
  • Help you easily recognize which tools are yours if you garden with others, say, in a park or community garden
  • Supplement a tool kit you already have in order to widen your gardening range since many kits include different things

Best Gardening Tool Sets

Do you still feel like you could use a little bit of guidance when it comes to choosing the gardening kit that’s truly the best option for you? Check out our pros and cons style outline of the 15 best options that we came across in our search.

1. 20-piece heavy-duty aluminum garden tools set

29 piece heavy duty aluminum garden tools set

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to replace your older, beginner tools, here’s a great kit for people who want something larger and more durable. This bundle fromAOKIWO offers you 20 heavy-duty aluminum garden tools, covering an impressive range of functionalities. Besides the tools, you’ll also receive a convenient and strong canvas gardening tote with many useful pockets, strong gloves, a spritz bottle for targeted watering, some labeling signs, and even a few decorative butterfly wire stands that you can stick in the dirt between plants.

Be aware that if you live in an area where the earth you must garden in is quite rough and rocky, you do risk scraping even these heavy-duty tools. They’ll stand up well to most tasks, especially for their price point, but aluminum can show signs of wear after several uses that involve meeting hard surfaces.

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  • Wide range of tools
  • Durable aluminum materiality
  • Heavy duty canvas tote bag with great pockets
  • Bonus features like a spritz bottle, protective gardening gloves, and even butterfly garden decor


  • Aluminum is durable but will still show scrapes and signs of wear against very rocky or stone filled earth

2. 9-piece gardening kit with easy carry tote bag

9 piece gardening kit with easy carry tote bag

Did we really catch your attention with the idea of a gardening kit that involves a durable tote bag, but you’re just not sure that you’re ready for all 20 of the tools you saw above? Then you might prefer this simplified version from Abco Tech instead. Besides the canvas bag with great pocket space, you’ll also get rubber-lined protective gloves, a spritz bottle, and handheld branch trimmers. In terms of the gardening tools themselves, you’ll be pleased to find two shovels, a fork, a rake, and a weeder. These are handheld sizes with comfortable but strong wooden handles and corrosion-resistant stainless steel heads.

Most people who have left reviews were very pleased indeed with the range, durability, and function of these tools, but one or two of them came bearing a warning about the gloves. Although theyare protective and durable and therefore very useful, some people reported that the rubber lining bears a strong factory smell that gave them a headache the first time they wore them. Consider leaving the gloves to air out before prolonged use when you first get them.

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  • Durable canvas tote bag with many pockets
  • Spray bottle, lined gloves, and handheld cutters as bonus supplies
  • Five diverse handheld tools with strong wooden handles and corrosion-resistant stainless steel heads


  • Gloves are durable and useful, but rubber lining comes with a strong factory smell; they might need to be aired out in order to avoid headaches or irritation in the first few uses

3. 8-piece garden tool and tote set

8 piece garden tool and tote set

If you’re still feeling the whole idea of a kit with strong toolsand a durable pocket tote, but you still see things you’re just not sure you’ll use, here’s another alternative from Pure Garden for your consideration. This kit’s tote is a unique layout that keeps all of your tools accessible, thanks to its rounded shape with pockets all the way around the outside. You’ll receive a twig pruner, rake, trowel, shovel, spray bottle, and sharp snips as well. The tools are lightweight but made from rust-resistant materials. They’re durable enough for outdoor use but small enough for indoor planter gardening as well.

Although the bag’s layout is very useful, some previous buyers did report that the stitching on a few units is a little strangely placed, rendering the pockets too small to fit the tools ineffectively or too loose to keep them in when you lift the bag without having them topple out, a metal piece first.

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  • Good basic tool range
  • Rust-resistant tool heads but lightweight wooden handles
  • Uniquely and usefully shaped durable canvas tote
  • Bonus accessories, including cutter and a spray bottle


  • Stitching in the pockets on some units’ tote bags might be either too tight or too loose to hold tools in properly

4. 12-piece aluminum hand tool kit with apron and tote

12 piece aluminum hand tool kit with apron and tote

Do you like the idea of a tote bag in theory because you do take your gardening to several different spots, but you also often prefer to keep your toolson you for accessibility? Then you’re going to love this kit from Ukoke, particularly if you like bright colors. Each of the handheld tools in this kit comes with a lightweight but durable and easy-grip plastic handle and a steelhead. You’ll get a trowel, weeder, rake, spade, and cultivator, as well as two sizes of cutters. Each of these fits conveniently into the pockets of both the apron and the tote, and the rubber-lined gloves and spray bottle fit in the tote’s larger central pocket.

Though most people with experiencing using this kit have been impressed by the durability of the tools, some made notes that the cutter blades do dull very quickly. This is partially due to their arrival sharpened to only a standard degree for safety reasons, so you might give them a careful sharpen yourself to avoid having them dull so quickly after receipt.

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  • Good range of basic, foundational tools
  • Durable stainless steel heads but ergonomic, lightweight plastic handles
  • Rubber gloves, spray bottle, and cutters included as bonus items
  • Durable canvas bag and apron, each with convenient pockets for hand tool storage and accessibility


  • Cutter blades come only sharpened to an extent and dull fairly quickly; might need re-sharpening

5. 8-piece garden kit with tote and gloves

8 piece garden kit with tote and gloves

If you’re still into the idea of a kit with gloves and a well-pocketed bag, but you’re just not sure you want all kinds of extras besides your standard handheld tools, then you might get along well with this slightly more simplified kit from Jardineer. Their bag and matching gloves are made of heavy-duty canvas, with a dotted rubberized palm on the gloves for extra resistance and protection. The tools, which have ergonomic rubberized handles and strong polished aluminum heads, include pruning sheers, a garden trowel, a transplanter, a weeder, a cultivator, and a hand rake. They stick to the basics but cover them well.

It’s worth noting that a small number of previous buyers received one or two tools with flawed metal at the necks where they attach to the handles. This inconsistency in the metal’s constitution made them break at that spot after only a few uses, despite the fact that the unaffected tools remained strong.

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  • Durable canvas tote with pockets and protective gloves with rubber dot palms for grip
  • Ergonomic rubberized handles on tools, with polished aluminum heads
  • Good range of basic tools for beginners, but also staples for more experienced gardeners


  • Occasional kit has been known to arrive with weakened metal at the neck of one or two tools, causing easier than usual breakage where the flaw is

6. Heavy duty garden organizer

Heavy duty garden organizer

Besides durability in the tools, which is obviously necessary for any gardening kit, the main focus of this next option from Scuddles is organization. The more organized and accessible you can keep your tools, the more motivated you’ll feel to use them since they’ll always be ready and on hand when your gardening time comes. This kit contains lightweight but durable wood and steel hand tools, construction-grade but machine washable gloves with rubber dotted palms for grip and a double-lined cotton garden tool tote that’s also washable. This tote has a side pocket for every tool included but also features a stabilizing elastic above each pocket to ensure that the tools actually stay in, rather than getting top heavy and falling out when you pick up the bag.

The response to this kit from people who have used it has been overwhelmingly positive, which is always great to see! The only critical note left was a small complaint about the lack of design options offered by the brand. Gardening is, after all, an activity partaken in by people of all ages and genders, and some people found that they had trouble selling their younger male relatives on this kit thanks to the rather feminine tote design and lack of more neutrally styled options, even though it’s a perfect foundational set.

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  • Durable but lightweight tools in a range of necessary basics for home gardening
  • Canvas gloves with rubber dotted grip palm that are machine washable
  • Durable organizational tote with stabilizing elastics above each pocket


  • Lack of tote designs and limit to feminine floral deters some potential customers who could use the basics in the kit

7. Indoor gardening tool set

Indoor gardening tool set

Are you actually looking for a slightly smaller kit that’s geared more towards planters, window boxes, and indoor gardens since you live in an apartment but still like to keep healthy greenery around? Then you might get along better with this bundle from Wrapables. You’ll receive tools made from lightweight but durable wood and steel, including a pruner, snips, a rake, a trowel, a shovel, and a plastic spray bottle. The strong canvas tote has a reinforced bottom, weight pockets, rust-resistant brass grommets, and stabilizing tool bands above some of the outer pockets to keep top-heavy things from falling out.

Keep in mind that, because the focus here is boxed or potted plants and indoor gardening, this set is actuallymuch smaller than the average kit. The tote itself is small as well, and the tools are also littler than usual, partially to ensure that theycan actually be used effectively on smaller, indoor, and balcony-sized garden beds and boxes. This also makes it a great starter kit for children, but some adults who didn’t realize the size reality were very unsatisfied when they realized the kit wasn’t up to the full-sized outdoor gardens they were trying to work in.

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  • Lightweight but durable tools in a good, foundational range
  • Double-lined tote with tool bands for extra hold on outer pockets
  • Designed for planter, window box, balcony, or indoor use and custom sized for easier maneuvering


  • Tools aremuch smaller than they appear in photos, as they’re specifically sized for indoor use; this makes them unsatisfactory to most people who were preparing to use them outdoors for regular-sized garden beds

8. Alloy steel garden tool set with rubber non-slip handle

Alloy steel garden tool set with rubber non slip handle

Rather than a host of extra items, are you more interested in purchasing a set that’s primary focus is the tools themselves? Well, particularly if regular, straight handles cause you joint pain, thenPatio Garden might have the right choice for you. These tools are made from strong alloy steel, with easy-to-grip rubberized handles that are fanned down their length for resistance. The handles are also angled and curved, making them fit your hand with a little less pressure and a little more easily when it comes to maneuvering and control. The kit also comes with gloves and a little canvas drawstring bag to keep the tools together and stored.

The feedback regarding the quality and function of this actual set is overwhelmingly positive. The kit, however, is definitely one that many people found they needed to augment after quite a short time if this was their starting point, seeing as how it covers only the basics and provides you with only five tools.

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  • Strong alloy steel
  • Durable rubberized handles with fanned sides for resistance, and an angle and curve for ergonomic, easy grip
  • Comes with washable gardening gloves and a canvas drawstring bag for storage or toting, fitting all five tools easily


  • Kit is a great cover of the basics, but some people felt the need to supplement it with other pieces quite quickly since it only includes fives tools

9. Fully stocked outdoor gardening set with rounded bag

Fully stocked outdoor gardening set with rounded bag

Are you still looking for a fully stocked started kit complete with a tote bag, but you’re feeling picky about the bag and just haven’t seen one that appeals to you yet? Then we’d definitely suggest looking at this unique and durable design fromHortem. This tote bag, which is made from durable canvas, double-stitched, and reinforced with leather patches at the handle bases, is rounded in shape for organization. The outer pockets are the perfect size for handheld tools, while the center fits everything else, including small rounded planters and pots. The tools themselves are made from heavy-duty carbon steel with ergonomic rubberized handles.

Although buyers have reported the customer service is helpful when an issue arises, there were several reports that at least one tool was damaged, flawed in production, so it broke immediately or missing entirely when the kit arrived. Replacements were sent, and the flaws in packing and production seem to be the exception rather than the rule, but it’s worth noting.

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  • Durable carbon steel tools with ergonomic rubberized handles
  • Uniquely shaped bag that’s good for keeping everything organized and toting small pots or planters in addition to tools
  • Strong outer pockets, with a few to spare for things beyond just what comes with the kit


  • Some packing and production issues have happened in the past, including damaged, weak, or missing items on the kit’s arrival

10. 9-piece deluxe garden tote with kneeling pad

9 piece deluxe garden tote with kneeling pad

If you’re looking for a kit that’s compact, light, and easy to tote around while you navigate gardening with limited mobility, then we think this deal fromPicnic Plus might be the one for you. This conveniently shaped tote gives you even weight distribution for easier carrying. It features tool pockets on the outside but also pockets for extras, like snacks and your phone. It has a laminated exterior for easy cleaning, and the central pocket fits a soft kneeling pad and an aluminum frame folding garden stool. The tools, which are lightweight wood and durable steel, include a shovel, trowel, cultivator, transplanter, weeder, and hand rake, and you’ll also get a misting bottle for targeted, gentle watering.

The only complaints that previous buyers of this product had were actually with the customer service behind the scenes rather than the product itself. People were happy with the bag, tools, and accessories but, on the rare occasion that something was damaged in shipping, customers also found it difficult to get a hold of someone and navigate having the broken pieces replaced.

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  • Weight distributed, easy to tote bag without outer pockets for tools and extras and an inner compartment for larger items
  • Comes with a soft kneeling pad and folding aluminum gardening stool
  • Includes five awesome foundation tools and also a misting bottle
  • Tools made of lightweight wood at the handle and durable stainless steel at the heads


  • Customer service is poor in cases of damage or needed replacement

11. 47-piece carbon steel heavy duty gardening kit

47 piece carbon steel heavy duty gardening kit

If you’re going to invest in a whole kit rather than just a few tools here and there, would you rather get something that’s going to have you set up right from the get-go? Then we think you’ll appreciate this fully stocked kit from Colwelt. This beginner’s set features a space, trowel, and hand rake made from lightweight wood at the handles and heavy-duty carbon steel at the heads. The canvas tote is light, double-stitched, and durable, with a large inner compartment and great outer pockets. To start you off on the right foot, you’ll also receive snips, compostable starter planters, support twine, and plant label markers.

Although people seem to be rather satisfied indeed with the kit when it’s received correctly, and in full, there have been a few complaints about the packaging. On a number of occasions, the company has been known to send the kit out with certain pieces missing, but other features doubled up.

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  • Lightweight wooden handles and heavy-duty carbon steel on handheld tools
  • Good range of basic gardening requirements that really set you up from the beginning
  • Durable tote with strong handles and great, organizational pocket space


  • Some kits have been known to arrive with certain features missing, but other pieces doubled or with extras

12. 4-piece floral gardening tool set

4 piece floral gardening tool set

Are you actually looking to treat yourself or gift someone a garden kit that’s very simple but a little bit special? Well, floral and aesthetic lovers will adore this set fromKira & Trixie. This lovely matching set of three tools and a pair of gardening gloves are floral, feminine, and rather stunning in their patterned print. Pretty isn’tall they are, however. The tools are also rust-proof and durable, thanks to their carbon steel materiality. The gloves are built to be moveable but also durable, anti-slip, and washable. Purchasing this kit does good for others as well; a portion of every set’s price is donated to animal sanctuaries by the company.

Despite good sales stats, these tools actually haven’t received a single complaint or bad review. No one has even reported that the floral pattern scratches or chips! Keep in mind, however, that this kitis very small, only giving you gloves, cutters, a hand rake, and a shovel. It’s more like a supplementary kit for someone who already has tools or will be getting some, rather than a standalone piece that sets you up completely.

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  • Stunning, cheerful floral pattern that doesn’t scratch or chip off the tools
  • Durable carbon steel materiality and easy to maneuver handles
  • Durable, washable gloves that are non-slip for good tool gripping
  • Each purchase of a kit supports an animal charity via portion donation


  • Kit is very small and does better as a special gift or supplementary set since it only provides a limited tool range

13. Pink 7-piece basic gardening kit and apron

Pink 7 piece basic gardening kit and apron

If you loved the idea of making a purchase that does some charitable good, but you’re in need of at least a few more features than you saw above, here’s a great set from Apollo Tools, especially if you love the color pink. This 7-piece gardening set comes from a brand that donates a portion of every kit sale to breast cancer research. Their kit fives you three basic, useful tools, clippers, a soft knee pad, washable gardening gloves, and a black and pink soil apron. The tools are made of high-polished aluminum with easy to grip pink resin handles.

Although most previous buyers have reported being very happy with the tools and clippers themselves, some people had complaints about the quality of the gloves and apron. These are advertised as being washable, but their construction and materiality is cheap enough that some people found they saw holes or loose threads after the first wash.

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  • Charitable donation to breast cancer research made with each kit purchase
  • Washable soil apron and gardening gloves included
  • Three basic foundation tools plus clippers
  • Ergonomic, durable resin handles with high-polished aluminum heads


  • Many customers unhappy with the cheap quality of the apron and gloves, reporting small holes and loose threads after a single wash or a few uses

14. 4-piece gel grip tools set

4 piece gel grip tools set

Are you actually a person who already owns all of the basics, but you’ve had them for quite some time, and you’re looking to supplement your stash with doubles on the basis that you use the most? Then we think this simple kit from Vilivit might be just what you’re looking for. One of the best parts of these tools is that the handles are made with a special durable but soft material that gives them a “gel grip,” making them easier for people with joint pain to use. The heads of the tools are heavy-duty cast aluminum and the neck of each curve towards the handle for an angle that requires less pressure on your hands. They are rust-resistant and lightweight despite their durability.

Impressively, these tools don’t actually have a single bad review from previous buyers! Keep in mind, however, that these four pieces really are all the kit comes with. Since the variation is a bit limited, this kit is more like a replenishment supply or supplementary bundle than a fully-stocked beginner’s option.

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  • Gel grip handles ease pressure on joint pain, while angles and curves make them easy to maneuver
  • Heavy duty aluminum heads that are rust-resistant
  • Includes fundamental tools for basic gardening needs


  • Small kit made of only four tools; better used as a supplement to the tools you already own or to complement another kit with a wider variety, rather than as the sole setup for a beginner

15. 9-piece garden tool set with colorful tote and gloves

9 piece garden tool set with colourful tote and gloves

Are you still looking for a sizeable, useful tote that will hold all of your gardening basics plus some extras, but you can’t carry shoulder bags because of joint issues? Then you might prefer this design fromBo-Toys instead. Their durable, colorful tote with straight handles features elasticized mesh side pockets, tool pockets along the back and front that also boast stabilizing elastics above, and a larger central compartment. The bag comes included with five stainless steel tools that have strong resin handles, as well as a spray bottle and washable canvas gardening gloves. You’ll even get some binding wire for stabilizing tall crawling plants.

It’s worth noting that some previous buyers found the quality of the materials to be directly reflected by the extremely affordable price. By this, they meant that you’ll receive good value for the price but that the tools themselves don’t compare to most high quality and slightly pricier options you might find in, say, your local hardware store or gardening specialty retailers. It’s a great starter kit for low-impact gardening, but you’ll find yourself needing to upgrade if you decide to take the hobby more seriously.

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  • Useful straight handles on durable canvas tote
  • Mesh side pockets for larger items (besides inner compartment)
  • Tool sized pockets across the front with stabilizing elastics above
  • Five foundational tools made from resin and stainless steel


  • The quality of the tools themselves is reflected by the extremely affordable price; they’re great quality for beginners doing low impact gardening but not for those who take it more seriously and intend to use them extremely often

Who should buy a gardening kit?

If you ask us, just about anyone can benefit from purchasing a gardening kit! Of course, you might not really have a need for an entire kit if you’re in the position of only actually needing to replace one single tool, but there are still plenty of scenarios where a kit is a more beneficial option. These include:

  • If you’re a beginner who needs a decent set of foundation tools to get started with
  • If you’re buying a gift for someone who has wanted to try gardening more for a long time but isn’t set up yet
  • If you’re a more experienced gardener whose tools are very old, and more than one at a time could use replacing
  • If you’re looking to have backup tools on hand because you often garden in more than one place, or you’re just very hard on the tools you already have

Do you know another gardening enthusiast who has been thinking about investing in a new gardening kit but who could use some help figuring out which one is best for them? Share this post with them, so they have a little bit more guidance while they choose.