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15 Easy Origami Patterns For Kids

Origami is an fun skill to learn for people of any age, but you have to know where to start! Kids who learn their folding techniques and start practicing early will be able to make surprisingly intricate things before you even know it. Origami is definitely the kind of art that whole families can do together, or that kids can do during play dates and keep busy for hours.

Check out these 15 simple origami patterns that are great ideas for kids!

1. Shark cootie catcher

Shark cootie catcher

You probably remember making “cootie catchers” in middle school, folding the paper and drawing in symbols and fortunes for your friends to choose from. This project by Easy, Peasy, and Fun uses the same classic cootie catcher folding techniques, but it’s designed to look like a shark!

2. Monster corner bookmarks

Monster corner bookmarks

Besides origami, reading definitely falls into the category of things we should all encourage our kids to do more of! Easy, Peasy, and Fun shows you how to combine the two activities with these hilarious little origami bookmarks that slide onto the corner of  a book page like the monster is snacking on it!

3. Tulips


Make and Takes’ tulip design is another pattern that encourage kids to do other things, like drawing! Have them fold the tulip flower, then glue them to a page and draw a scene around them. Talk about a fun introduction to combination art!

4. Pikachu


Are your kids completely obsessed with cartoons and anime? Have they just discovered the novelty of old Pokemon cartoons from the early 2000s? Use that interest to keep them interested in learning more origami techniques! This Pikachu pattern by Red Ted Art is all you need to do it!