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Top Off the New Year with These 15 DIY Hats and Headbands

What is it about party hats that make an occasion seem even more festive? Whether it’s a birthday party or a bachelorette bash, having something for your guests to don on their heads can increase the fun. Occasion appropriate headwear can make for some great photo booth props and selfie snaps. Think of them as your calling card for Facebook or Instagram. Anyone who sees a photo of someone wearing a party hat you made will immediately know that the snap was from your party… and wish they were invited. So make your New Years Eve shindig the envy of social media with these 15 DIY hats and headbands.


Stars are appropriate for a sparkly party and these star crowns will be a major hit. All your girlfriends will thank you for providing a party hat that doesn’t mess up the hairdo they spent an hour working to achieve. (via Wear the Canvas)


Use live florals for your party hats? How brilliant. Buy a bouquet or two that matches your party’s color scheme and make mini flower crowns around your party hats. Or you know, just leave out the hat part altogether. (viaMake and Tell)


Need something that’ll keep the kiddos busy while you wait for the ball to drop? Put together these Kraft paper party hats and let them use Sharpies to decorate them. You might have some wacky designs but it’ll be fun! (via Salsa Pie Productions)


Who can say no to anything gilded, am I right? Put these sparkly paper geo shapes on your headband and you’ll like like the Frida Kahlo of New Years Eve. This is a party must have right here. (via Oh Happy Day)


Don’t put away your Christmas tinsel just yet. Use a strand or two to make sparkly party hats and 2016 headbands for your bash. Bonus, it includes a tutorial for tinsel drink stirrers. Yeah. (via Delia Creates)


Make it all chalkboard! I’m serious. Black chalkboard party hats will allow guests to decorate them however they like. Whether you unleash them on the hats before or after cocktails is up to you. (via Tatertots and Jello)


Pipe cleaners for the win. These simple crowns are so light, yet sparkly and easy to make, you’ll probably find yourself making them for every party you host for the rest of your life. (via Small and Friendly)


Sequins are sparkly, so why not give them a chance to shine at your party? Use pines to cover a styrofoam ball in sequins and glue them to the top of your store bought party hats. You can even let the kids do this one. (via Pottery Barn)


If you’re opting for a chic, modern, grown-up, this party hat is for you. The black and gold combo will let you have some fun without looking like a drunk kid. Also, those colors are a great theme for a New Years Eve party. (via Studio DIY)


It doesn’t have to be wild and crazy to be festive. Glue some glitter stars to a plastic headband and you’ll create a piece of party-wear that you’ll want to add to your everyday clothes. (via Delightfully Tacky)


Isn’t washi tape wonderful? Simple paper hats can be turned into super fun and kid friendly party favorite with a couple stripes of the patterned tape and a colorful pom pom on top. (via Think Crafts)


Though it might be hidden somewhere deep inside, everyone has a love for disco balls. Invest in a bag of the miniature ones and glue them to a headband for the sparkliest New Years Eve wear you’re going to see. (via A Subtle Revelry)


This project is for your restless kids. Once you’ve made some plain paper hats, let them go to it with glue and glittery gold stars. Not only will they love putting these hats together, they’ll love wearing them all night long. (via Wayfair)


Don’t think that printables put you out of the party hat game. These fun designs can be livened up with some pom poms and ribbon or washi tape. It’s fast and super festive. (via The House that Lars Built)


Of course, if you don’t have the craft supplies or the budget for fancy party hats, use some odds and ends around your own home to create unique New Years Eve headbands. Whatever you glue to them, spray it all gold and you’re done. (via Make + Haus)

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