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DIY Modern Landscaping Ideas

Where we live, the season for yard work, which is one of our favourite home improvement things to do, is rather short. That’s why we often spend the whole year searching for the projects we’d like to try; it makes us feel prepared and ready to go once the good weather arrives and we can actually get started! Right now, we’re busy bookmarking all the different DIY modern landscaping ideas we’re interested so we can get right down to business the second the yard has dried up and the ground is ready to be worked on.

1. Waving garden bed border

Waving garden bed border

Does your yard have great space for garden beds but you’re just not feeling convinced that their current straight line layout is quite as decorative as you’d like when it comes to your dream garden display? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at this tutorial from Jenna Burger that teaches you how to give your garden beds a pretty waving border instead.

2. Wooden frame to hide your AC unit

Wooden frame to hide your ac unit

Do you actually already have a gardenscape in your yard that you’re quite happy with indeed but you can’t help wishing that the AC unit you had to place right outside your house to cool it in the summer didn’t look like such an eyesore in the middle, since that’s not really the kind of “modern” atmosphere you were aiming for in your outdoor space? Then check out how Ugly Duckling House talks about hiding theirs in a wooden frame that they built themselves!

3. Teapot floral water fountain

Teapot floral water fountain

Are you quite happy with the garden beds you already have built into your lawn and yard but you’re absolutely open to the idea of adding an external display that will host more flowers and add a little extra to the outdoor space? Well, if fountains have ever interested you, then we think you might appreciate the way Hometalk outlines the steps for making this beautiful floral fountain using an old teapot!

4. DIY hose-holder with a built-in planter

Diy hose holder with a built in planter

Did you really like the idea of making a wooden unit that improves the look of your garden by hiding non-floral things that interrupt the view, but you don’t have an external air conditioner to contend with? Then maybe you’ll find more use for this version that not only houses your garden hose so it’s not laying around all over the patio, but also gives you an extra planter for even more flowers! Get the fill details on DIY Candy.

5. Wood and concrete steps for a garden pathway

Wood and concrete steps for a garden pathway