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15 Modern Christmas Trees To Fashion Your Own After This Year

Is your home a bit more contemporary in style? Maybe you’ve got a fashion-forward home full of chic edges and crisp rooms. If so, maybe you’ll want to give your holiday decorations a bit of a non-traditional twist. Check out these 15 modern Christmas trees that you can fashion your own after and grab some inspiration from!

1. White Cut-Out

White modern christmas tree

If you don’t have space for a traditional tree or just want to do something completely untraditional like this look we found over at Contemporist. It’s wooden cutout that’s been painted white and then some twinkle lights were added. In all actuality, it’s probably a super simple DIY to finish off if you’re handy with some power tools.

2. Just Lights

Christmas light tree

If you’re pinched for space or want a really great photo-op for the kiddos, this is quite the contemporary (and minimal) way to decorate for Christmastime. This idea from Bell and Pistol is so simple and sweet! All you need is a set of multi-color twinkle lights.

3. Gold Feathers

Gold feather modern christmas tree

Chic, sophisticated, and elegant, this golden feathered beauty from Elle will give any corner of your home a more festive feel. But, it’s not over-the-top or too full of color for our more modern style lovers. Instead, it’s just got the right amount of sparkle to make it feel like the holidays.

4. Minimal Ornaments

Processed with vscocam with s2 preset

Anne Sage went with a classic Christmas tree and a super chic, minimal way of decorating. A few white or glass ornaments will do the job. You’ll still feel like it’s the holidays but without too much fuss or chaos.

5. Wall Art

Modern christmas hanging tree

My Amazing Things went with a Christmas tree that doubled as wall art. This hanging design can easily be DIYed. But it can also easily be used as the tree of the home, especially if you live in a smaller space or even a studio apartment.

6. For Greeting Cards

Modern wooden christmas tree

You wooden, cut-out tree can double as your greeting card holder for the year as well. Over at HGTV, you can check out all of the details. This too is a great idea for those that like to nix tradition or don’t have a lot of space to work with.

7. Greens

Bare green modern christmas tree

Bare trees work too for those that want something easy and contemporary. If you’ve got a true minimalist’s vision, this idea from Apartment Therapy is what you can aim for. Whether the tree is big or small, it’ll work.

8. Pom Poms

Diy pom pom tree

Sugar & Cloth west all out with this super festive and colorful tree. made from a variety of pom poms and balloons, this is a wonderful birthday idea but also an offbeat, fashion-forward way to fashion your Christmas decor. We bet the kiddos will love it too!

9. Cardboard

Cardboard christmas tree diy

A simple cardboard tree can be a lot of fun as well. You can really personalize and style it any way you’d like – with photos, markers, ornaments and the like. Check out all of the ideas and inspiration for it over at Chatelaine.

10. No-Needle

No needle paper christmas tree

PopSugar showcased this fabulous, no-needle DIY tree and we’re in awe! It truly looks like a modern piece of art and it would look wonderful displayed in a super contemporary home. The presents are decoration enough!

11. Thin Geo

Skinny black modern christmas tree

La Maison d’Anna G. went with a different version  of the sparse, “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree. Using thin, geo DIY ornaments to decorate, you can spruce up studio apartments, dorm rooms, or other small spaces with a contemporary twist on tradition.

12. Technicolor

Technicolor christmas tree diy

C.R.A.F.T. went all out in the color department and we are swooning! If you love color but want it done in a way that’s sharp, smooth, and clean then check out this chic take on the idea. We love this entire scheme and realize that it can easily be recreated.

13. Stacked Branches

Stacked branch christmas tree

Rustic and contemporary style really can go hand-in-hand. If you love minimal styling and farmhouse decorating this stacked branch tree from Dekorolog is definitely what your dreams are made of. Take the leap now to gather more inspiration.

14. Chalkboard

Modern chalkboard christmas tree

If you’re lucky enough to have a chalkboard wall in the house, you could turn it into a fun Christmas spot. Just look at this inspiration we found over at HGTV! Add some toys “under the tree” for the pup or some extra ones for the kiddos.

15. Hanging Paint Sticks

Diy hanging christmas tree with paint sticks

Finally, over at Contemporist,you’ll find this paint stick hanging tree. It’s fun DIY to get involved with (the kiddos can help you paint the sticks), it’s inexpensive, and the end result is stunning, especially in a neutral space like this. Take the leap and gather some more ideas now!

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