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Cute Manicures for Winter

Winter weather undoubtedly brings chilly temperatures, so you’ll catch us amassing an impressive collection of warm mittens right around this time of year. We’re pretty cold people most of the time, so we always make sure to have mittens and gloves on us over the holidays! Just because we spend a lot of time with our hands covered in the winter, however, doesn’t have to mean you can’t take pride in your nails. We’re avid fans of nail art any time of year, so the only thing that changes for us in the winter is that our seasonal manicures get a little more festive!

Just in case you love a good seasonal manicure just like we do but you could use some new ideas, here are 15 of the prettiest winter inspired nail designs we’ve come across this year.

1. Metallic stripes and snowflakes

Metallics stripes and snowflakes

Have you always been the kind of nail art enthusiast who loves a bit of detail and embellishment, but you’re quite new to practicing your skills so you’d still like to keep things quite simple? In that case, we have a feeling you might really enjoy this stripes and snowflakes design from Beauty Bender! They show you how to create cute little snowflake designs on an accent nail using white polish, as well as how to cut and stick pretty silver stripes from metallic tape.

2. Frozen inspired winter sparkle nails

Frozen inspired winter sparkle nails

Perhaps you’re an excited Disney enthusiast and, ever since the release of the movie Frozen, winter and snow have reminded you of Queen Elsa? Then here’s an absolutely awesome winter and Disney inspired manicure for you! This design from Super WOW Style uses blue polish, glitter polish, and polish with star shaped confetti in it to mimic the pretty magical swirls featured in Frozen.

3. Deep blue with white dots and snowflakes

Deep blue with white dots and snowflakes

Is your personal style quite minimalist and you’d like to have just a touch of detail, but still ensure your manicure is very winter themed? Then we think perhaps this deep blue snowy manicure from Never Too Much Glitter is the best answer for you! We love the way they’ve combined a shining finish polish with one in the same sparkle but that has some sparkle. Carefully paint the white dots and lovely snowflakes on the surface of whichever nails you want to have as your accent nails and voila!

4. Deep green and Christmas tree decals

Deep green and christmas tree decals

Have you always loved working with decals because you love the way they add some glamour to the look but without you having to paint very fine details, since you’re not yet very confident in your hand painting skills? Then we definitely think you should check out this sparkling deep green manicure from Holicoffee with a lovely gold decale Christmas tree! It’s simple to do but impactful to see.