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Adorable Mermaid-Themed Crafts for Your Little Mermaid

Most little girls have dreamed at some point of being a magical mermaid who lives with the fishes in the sea. In fact, most little boys have probably pretend they were mer-people too! In all honesty, we’re still not over the fantasy that we, too, might one day sprout a sparkly tail and spend the day swimming through the waves. We know that’s not very likely, but the good news is that craft enthusiasts get to play make belief all the time!

Check out these adorable under-the-sea themed craft ideas for your little mermaids (or yourself)!

1. Paper roll mermaids

Paper roll mermaids

Red Ted Art shows you how easy it is to make adorable mermaid dolls by recycling your empty toilet paper rolls!

2. Little Mermaid terrariums

Little mermaid terrariums

Use figurines, aqua coloured marbles, and mason jars to create mermaid themed scenes for display, just like these ones from Hostess With The Mostest.

3. Sock mermaid tails

Sock mermaid tails

Crafty Morning‘s mermaid tails are super easy to make! All you need are some long, colourful stretchy socks, some cardboard to cut into a fin shape, and some decorating supplies. Glue the fin to the top of the sock foot and slide the sock over both legs!

4. No-sew mermaid tail

No sew mermaid tail

These no-sew tails make the perfect dress up game at a mermaid themed birthday party! Living Locurto shows you how to make them in just a few simple steps.

5. Seashell mermaid tiara

Seashell mermaid tiara

Creative Green Living‘s idea for pearly mermaid mermaid tiaras is perfect for a birthday princess.

6. Seashell mermaid purse

Seashell mermaid purse

Artsy Momma reminds you that even little mermaids under the sea need somewhere to put their lip gloss and seashell phones. Check out the template and tutorial for making one in no time.

7. Mermaid “I Spy” bottles

Mermaid "i spy" bottles

These bottle games are perfect for road trips as long as you seal them well! Fill them with water, seashells, little mermaid figurines, or fish shaped beads. Drop in a little bit of food colouring, give them a shake, and get playing.

8. Button mermaids

Button mermaids

This craft from Unicorn Crossing can be a team effort if your kids are too little to draw or paint their own mermaid. Gather your leftover buttons in under-the-sea colours and let kids glue them all over to make the colours in the painting!

9. Paper plate “fish tanks”

Paper plate "fish tanks"

Cut a circle from the middle of a paper plate to make a window and draw, paint, or glue a mermaid-like scene on the inside of another paper plate. Glue the two together like Mrs. Weber’s Neighbourhood did, decorate the outside, and voila!

10. No-sew mermaid tutu

No sew mermaid tutu

Does your little one run around just a little too much to handle a restricting mermaid tail costume? Try making an adorable mermaid themed tutu like this one by 365 of Crafts instead!

11. Mermaid-themed bath bombs

Mermaid themed bath bombs

Do you know an adult who still believes they’ll be a mermaid someday? This adorable DIY mermaid bath bomb from Totally the Bomb makes the perfect gift for their inner child.

12. Under the sea jello cups

Under the sea jello cups

Jello is an easy snack for getting kids use to cooking! Make small portions of blue jello in individual cups and decorate them with crumbled graham cracker sand, mermaid figurines, and candy fish or starfish. Check out these ones from Make and Takes!

13. Mermaid bean bag toss game

Mermaid bean bag toss game

A piece of cardboard, some paint, and some bean bags are all you need! Cut holes, give each one a score, and decorate the whole thing like a scene from below the waters. Check out how Tip Junkie made this one!

14. Shel encrusted mermaid hairband

Shell encrusted mermaid hairband

Simple supplies form the dollar store can be made to look like adorable mermaid-appropriate accessories! My Kid Craft shows you how it’s done.

15. Mermaid mirrors

Mermaid mirrors

Can’t you just picture a mermaid brushing her long hair using a hand mirror set in a seashell? My Kid Crafts shows you hot to make one of your very own!

Have you made other mermaid themed crafts before that you don’t see here? Tell us how you did them in the comments section!

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