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15 DIY Tips for Making Your Own Crafts and Hobbies Room

We’ve always been crafty people. Ever since we were little kids, DIY afternoons have been our favourite times, whether we spend them alone or with friend and family. The older we’ve gotten, however, the more we’ve realized that having a decent space to actually do your crafting in makes all the difference! If you don’t have a nice sized table to work on or a place to store your supplies, you might find that your ability to make things the way you want is impeded. Either that or you’ll end up like us a few years ago, with all kinds of craft supplies scattered around your home, getting in the way of regular chores and taking over your tabletops. That’s why we decided to empty out our spare room and transform it into a crafts and hobbies room!

Just in case you’re interested in making yourself a crafting room as well but you feel like you could use some guidance and advice along the way, here are 15 awesome tips, ideas, and inspirations that will get your creative wheels turning and help you idea collect for when you start putting together a great DIY space of your own.

1. Mounted mason jars for art supplies

Mounted mason jars for art supplies

Are your favourite types of crafting, creativity, and art usually centred around drawing or painting, so a lot of your supplies are pens, pencils, and brushes? Then we think we might have already found a perfect solution for storing those tools for you, in a way that will help keep you very organized! Check out how Better Decorating Bible attached empty, cleaned out glass mason jars to a rustic looking wooden board and mounted that on the wall, creating a whole row of spots to store your tools. We like that this idea has a little bit of aesthetic to it along with its practical function.

2. Cubbies and bins to organize crafting things

Cubbies and bins to organize crafting things

Perhaps it’s actually your kids that you’re hoping to make a crafting and hobbies room for, so you’ve got a whole lots of tools, supplies, and trinkets to work with since they love to do so many different kinds of things? Then we have a feeling you’re the perfect kind of family for a big cubby shelf! Whether you make the shelf yourself or buy it from somewhere like IKEA, we think you’ll find this guide from Meri Cherry for effectively organizing the cubbies with inserts in a way that makes things easier to find very helpful indeed.

3. Carry a portable art kit

Carry a portable art kit

Perhaps you actually already have an arts, crafts, and DIY room but you’re the kind of artist that doesn’t like to be pinned solely to one place, even though you appreciate having a home for your tools and creativity? Then we just might have found an idea that will solve your problem very quickly indeed! Mindful Art Studio suggests carrying a miniature portable art kit around with you, giving you access to at least a portion of your supplies wherever you are while still ensuring that it’s all easy to carry in your purse or bag. They even give you advice on what you should put inside!

4. Tall organizer for paints and stamps

Tall all organizer for paints and stamps

In our home, we find we have a lot of awkwardly shaped supplies, like big bottles of different kinds of paints and large, oddly shaped stamps that don’t necessarily stack well or fit easily into bins. That’s why we were happy to come across this space efficient vertical shelving idea featured on The Happy Housie! They show you how to stack bottles and stamps on high shelves so that you fit many on at a time even though the shelf only takes up one wall and doesn’t protrude into the room unnecessarily.