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15 Great Tutorials for Making Your Own Candles

There’s nothing else quite as relaxing as lighting a candle and watching it glow while you sip tea, read a book, or even just go about your day. Candles are especially pleasant if they give off a nice aroma or add to your decor scheme in a pretty way. They can, however, be expensive if you want good quality. Instead of buying candles, why not consider making your own with the precise appearance and smell you’d like most?

Check out these 15 awesome DIY candle ideas that will have you gathering supplies before you’re even finished reading!

1. Funfetti candles

Funfetti candles

Putting sprinkles all over a birthday cake sure seems like a good idea, but have you ever thought of putting them in a candle? Besides look totally awesome, the sugary little pieces will make the candle smell sweet as it melts. Check out how it’s done on Sewlicious Home Decor.

2. Mini ice cube candles

Mini ice cube candles

Silicone ice cbe trays are a surprisingly versatile tool when it comes to DIY projects! We love the size of these little candles by Indulgy. They’re perfect for making floating candle displays!

3. Soy wax candles

Soy wax candles

Making your own candles with soy wax instead of other types of wax has several benefits! For example, soy wax burns longer, produces less soot in the jar, and is easier to clean so you can recycle the jar once you’ve burned the entire candle. Check out how Going Home to Roost made these soy wax candles.

4. DIY votive candles

Diy votive candles

These adorably sized and coloured votive candles by Something Turquoise dry with a pretty marbled finished that we think adds to their decor power. This tutorial walks you through each step of making them.