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Awesome Ways to Upcycle Old Umbrellas

If you’ve ever had an umbrella break on you while you’re walking down the street in a downpour, then you know how frustrating they can be! Broken or worn out umbrellas, however, don’t have to be trashed right away. Like most things, there are plenty of ways to upcycle them into something cool, creative, or practical.

Check out these 15 projects that transform umbrellas into other great things!

1. Floral door hanger

Floral door hanger

If the inside frame of your umbrella is broken so that it no longer holds itself up and out, try this project by Random Thoughts From an Incoherent Mind

! Placing a pretty bouquet of fresh or silk flowers inside the umbrella and hanging it on the door looks beautiful and can be done keeping the umbrella closed.

2. Umbrella skeleton photo mobile

Umbrella skeleton photo mobile

If the material of the umbrella is too torn to salvage, try using just the frame! We absolutely adore the minimalist look this umbrella frame photo mobile by Ella Elaine gives any room.

3. Hanging umbrella lamp

Hanging umbrella lamp

A string of little white lights and a vintage or lacy umbrella is the perfect recipe for a simple but delicate looking hanging light. The twinkly lights will shine through the material, giving off a soft glow. Meanwhile, a fancy umbrella like this one featured on Inspiration i Vitt will give the room’s aesthetic a vintage touch.

4. Single bulb umbrella lamp

Single bulb umbrella lamp

Sometimes it’s nice to let things that have been upcycled look just that- upcycled! This umbrella pendant light is made by fixing the extended top of an old umbrella over a single bulb hanging light fixture. It’s simple, but it’s simply stylish too. Check the design out on Underworld of B.V.

5. Umbrella frame plant stand

Umbrella frame plant stand

If all that’s left of your umbrella is the extending frame with no material or handle, then it’s still a useful tool for plenty of things! For example, it’ll make a great plant stand for your tomatoes or other climbing plants to flourish onto as they grow, just like this one on Pinterest.

6. Umbrella handle reading lamp

Umbrella handle reading lamp

Perhaps your umbrella has a beautiful wooden handle and that’s the only part worth salvaging. There’s a project for that too! Check out this reading lamp by Chuck Routhier that uses the hook of the umbrella handle to hang on the wall wherever you need it.

7. Double umbrella pendant light

Double umbrella pendant light

Using two umbrellas facing each other to make a dome shade is a great kitschy look for a bright kitchen. Check out how BHG fit these two umbrellas around a hanging light fixture.

8. Umbrella cloche

Umbrella cloche

Permaculture features this easy DIY cloche that upcycles the material, top frame, and pole of an umbrella simply be removing the handle and sticking it in the dirt! It’s an easy, green way to protect your plants through hrasher weather.

9. Umbrella handle wall hanger

Umbrella handle wall hanger

If you have an umbrella handle but you don’t need another reading light, why not make yourself a hooked coat or clothing hanger instead? We love the idea of mounting it on a wooden backing like this one from Das Rot Paket.

10. Decorative shade umbrellas

Decorative shade umbrellas

Do you have a large patio that you love to host on or a small business that people might enjoy coffee outside of? Try giving guests shade with many differently coloured and styled umbrellas rather than regular standing or table umbrellas! It creates a whimsical look, just like this patio featured on Loffee.

11. Umbrella skirt

Umbrella skirt

If you’re looking for something a little more creative, we absolutely love this Crooked Brains idea for making an umbrella skirt! Use the swishing material, embrace the arching shape of the umbrella along the bottom, and leave the plastic frame ends around the edges to really give it some character.

12. Hanging Halloween lamp

Hanging halloween lamp

A stripped down umbrella frame hung by the handle and adorned with fake cobwebs, plastic spiders, and novelty lanterns makes awesome Halloween decor. Check out how it’s made on BHG.

13. Garden decor

Garden decor

Brightly coloured umbrellas are perfect for making silly garden decor that gives your yard a cheerful aesthetic. We love these happy tin planters with umbrella “hats” by Beauty, Harmony, Life.

14. Kids’ parachute game

Kids' parachute game

How Does She shows you how to transform the material of an old umbrella into a miniature version of the parachute game yours kids have probably played in gym class. They’ll love being able to have fun with their own parachute at home too!

15. Doggy rain coat

Doggy rain coat

You already know that shiny umbrella material keeps the rain off, so why not use it for just that? Instead of keeping yourself dry, however, use your sewing skills to sew your four legged friend a jacket, just like this one on Dukes and Duchesses.

Have you made another upcycled umbrella craft that you’re very proud of but that you don’t see here? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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