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15 DIY Laundry Detergent Recipes To Try ASAP

For fans of homemade essentails, we have a treat for you today. Start washing your clothes with soap that you’ve created right in the comfort of your own space, with ingredients you know and trust. These 15 DIY laundry detergent recipes should be tried our ASAP! Some of them you can personalize and some will really help with grocery budgeting too.

1. 3-Ingredients

Diy laundry detergent 2

This all natural laundry detergent is easy to whip up, easy on the budget, and fool-proof. Includes a bit of Borax, washing soda, and some grated bits of your fav bar of soap (go with the natural choices!). Check this out at Free People.

2. Bombs

Diy laundry bombs 2

These all-in-one laundry bombs are really conveinent as well. You can find the details at PopSugar and keep a supply of these cuties nearby. There’s a bit more of a material and ingredient list to this project but worth it!

3. Liquid

Diy homemade liquid laundry soap

You’ll see a lot of powder recipes on the market but this one is for a liquid edition. If you prefer to wash your clothes with a soapy soap, of sorts, visit Live Simply for this recipe (plus a ton more of tips and tricks to go around)!

4. Orange-Scented

Diy orange laundry soap

If you want a particular scent, Farmhouse On Boone may have something that you’d like. This orange-scented liquid detergent is a breeze to make and smells heavenely too. Give your clothes a natural boost!

5. Tabs

Diy laundry tabs

They aren’t bombs and they aren’t beads. They’re homemade laundry tabs! Kimspired DIY will walk you through the process. Which includes adding some Zote Soap, scent boosters, and more in molds!

6. Confetti

Cheaper and better diy laundry detergent wow

This powdered laundry detergent looks as though it’s been sprinkled with confetti. It has everything you need in it to do your laundry, week after week, and it saves you money too! Check out the recipe at Cheaper and Better.

7. For Babies

Homemade baby laundry detergent copy

Maybe you have a baby or two and need some laundry detergent that will be gentle on baby’s skin. That’s where Whole New Mom comes into play. This is also a great DIY gift for new moms!

8. Booster Crystals

Diy laundry booster crystals

Food Fun Family can help you make your laundry smell extra fresh and delicious with some of these DIY booster cyrstals.

9. Pinks

Diy pink laundry detergent

This poppin’ pink recipe seeems like a lot of fun too. Tell Love and Party has all the instructions you need to whip up the pretty finished product. But what’s great about this DIY is that it includes Downy Unstoppables.

10. Castile

Diy all natural laundry powder recipe

Using castile soap, you’ll be able to make this all natural soap powder for your laundry. All of the instructions (again super easy!) can be found by visiting Body Unburdened. Whip up a bunch of these for friends and family.

11. Sensitive

Diy homemade laundry detergent

If you’re looking for something to be easy on your family’s sensitive skin, we’ve got a recipe for that too. Don’t Waste the Crumbs has exactly what you need. And it includes: goat milk soap, borax, and essential oils.

12. Coconut

Diy laundry soap stain remover stick pin 600x900

The Nerdy Farm Wife will teach us all how to many coconut laundry soap and a stain stick too! What more could you ask for in homemade essentials, honestly? Keep everything natural, from the cleaning to the stain removal.

13. Thieves

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If you want a boost of antibacterial properties, add thieves to the mix. Handrafted will walk you through the easy process. Again, this one is great for when there are kiddos in the house.

14. Lavender

Diy lavender laundry detergent

Are you a fan of lavender? If so, this recipe will give you a bout of inspiration for created some of your own fresh smelling detergent. Check it out at Wendy Polisi.

15. Soap Nuts

Homemade liquid laundry detergent recipe

Mommypotamus has our last recipe on the list. It’s too a liquid mixture and will give your grocery list a price cut as well. And it includes nut shells, so have fun with this unique project!

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