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Awesome DIY Staircase Decor Ideas

When it comes to overhauling your staircase, there are actually way more techniques and options that we think many people realize. When we first started considering how we might like to improve our main stairs, we couldn’t believe how many amazing concepts we came cross almost right away, even with just the smallest online search! All of a sudden, our stairs were no longer just some stairs; they were another chance to get creative and add personality to our house.

1. Paint staircase transformation

Paint staircase transformation

Have the central stairs in your big, old house certainly seen better days, so you’re looking for a way to improve how they look a little, but you’re hesitant to change them too much because you don’t want to lose that kitschy, slightly uneven old charm they have? Then maybe just change their colour to polish the place up a little would be the best idea for you! Check out how Maison de Pax outlines some simple tips and tricks that they learned when they repainted their own stairs.

2. DIY painted stair runner

Diy painted stair runner

Have you always loved the look of a stair runner because it grounds the space and gives you a chance to get an accent colour involved in terms of decor schemes, but you’re just not sure you actually want to go to the work of not just putting one in but also maintaining it afterwards? In that case, we think you simply must check out how Heathered Nest painted the shape of a stair runner down the centre of their staircase just to get the visual effect instead!

3. How to install hardwood treads

How to install hardwood treads

Perhaps your stairs are made of a beautiful shiny wood that you are very happy with the look of… but you’re a little bit worried about the fact that it gets very slippery indeed? Then maybe installing some kind of runner or tread really is the best plan of action for you! T Moore Home is here to show you exactly how they put this one in to make sure no one slips on the stairs if they’re moving too fast with socks on.

4. Stained wood stairs from underneath carpet

Stained wood stairs from underneath carpet

Maybe you’ve had carpet in your house for as long as you’ve owned it but you’ve recently decided to tear out certain parts and reveal the potential in the wooden floors underneath? Well, that can be a unique process when it comes to your stairs just because there are so many angles to work with, which is why this tearing, sanding, staining, and finishing tutorial from Designer Trapped is such a useful resource. It walks you through the whole process to get beautiful quality stained wood stairs.

5. DIY chevron painted stairs

Diy chevron painted stairs