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Awesome DIY Staircase Decor Ideas

When it comes to overhauling your staircase, there are actually way more techniques and options that we think many people realize. When we first started considering how we might like to improve our main stairs, we couldn’t believe how many amazing concepts we came cross almost right away, even with just the smallest online search! All of a sudden, our stairs were no longer just some stairs; they were another chance to get creative and add personality to our house.

1. Paint staircase transformation

Paint staircase transformation

Have the central stairs in your big, old house certainly seen better days, so you’re looking for a way to improve how they look a little, but you’re hesitant to change them too much because you don’t want to lose that kitschy, slightly uneven old charm they have? Then maybe just change their colour to polish the place up a little would be the best idea for you! Check out how Maison de Pax outlines some simple tips and tricks that they learned when they repainted their own stairs.

2. DIY painted stair runner

Diy painted stair runner

Have you always loved the look of a stair runner because it grounds the space and gives you a chance to get an accent colour involved in terms of decor schemes, but you’re just not sure you actually want to go to the work of not just putting one in but also maintaining it afterwards? In that case, we think you simply must check out how Heathered Nest painted the shape of a stair runner down the centre of their staircase just to get the visual effect instead!

3. How to install hardwood treads

How to install hardwood treads

Perhaps your stairs are made of a beautiful shiny wood that you are very happy with the look of… but you’re a little bit worried about the fact that it gets very slippery indeed? Then maybe installing some kind of runner or tread really is the best plan of action for you! T Moore Home is here to show you exactly how they put this one in to make sure no one slips on the stairs if they’re moving too fast with socks on.

4. Stained wood stairs from underneath carpet

Stained wood stairs from underneath carpet

Maybe you’ve had carpet in your house for as long as you’ve owned it but you’ve recently decided to tear out certain parts and reveal the potential in the wooden floors underneath? Well, that can be a unique process when it comes to your stairs just because there are so many angles to work with, which is why this tearing, sanding, staining, and finishing tutorial from Designer Trapped is such a useful resource. It walks you through the whole process to get beautiful quality stained wood stairs.

5. DIY chevron painted stairs

Diy chevron painted stairs

Maybe the quality of your stairs is actually just fine but the rest of your house is so filled with personality that you can’t help looking at them and thinking about how bland their appearance is? In that case, we think you simply must take a look at the way Robb Restyle transformed the front of each stair in the whole staircase by stencilling and painting an awesome chevron pattern!

6. Painted vintage wooden crate stairs

Painted vintage wooden crate stairs

Are you actually interested in giving your stairs a complete, more intensive overhaul because you’re the kind of thorough crafter who wants every element of your home to follow that same vintage rustic theme you love so much? In that case, we think you just might be the perfect person to give painted vintage wooden crate stairs outlined in great detail on Funky Junk Interiors a try!

7. Bright numbered stairs

Bright numbered stairs

Maybe you’ve been trying to find a spot in your home to create an awesome colour pop feature because you think every room needs some kind of statement piece? Well, if your front hall is currently lacking a little in the brightness department, then perhaps your stairs are the perfect opportunity to add a little something! We’re personally in love with the way Lover Mother suggests painting a runner style central piece down wooden stairs in whatever bright shade contrasts with the rest of your space best. We even enjoy the way they stencilled numbers into the middle of each step, mimicking the way little kids often count the stairs as they go up or down!

8. bright patterned washi tape stairs

Bright patterned washi tape stairs

Maybe you’re feeling very intent indeed on creating some kind of attention grabbing stair feature in your home but, since you don’t own it, whatever changes you make have to be temporary or very easily changed back when you eventually move? In that case, we have a feeling you might get along a little better with something like this striped washi tape decor idea outlined in more detail on I Am Pascal. We love the varying lengths of each colour because it makes it look like the patterns are dripping down the stairs!

9. Textured wallpaper stair fronts

Textured wallpaper stair fronts

Are you rather enamoured with the idea of adding a little something to the fronts of your stairs but you’d prefer it to be a little more subtle than some of what you’ve seen so far? Then perhaps you’d rather concentrate on texture than colour, sticking to the white that your stair fronts already were. This wonderful tutorial from Lovely Crafty Home shows you how to achieve just that using ornately textured white wallpaper, hitting that perfect mark between subtle and eye catching.

10. Black and white wallpaper stair risers

Black and white wallpaper stair risers

Maybe we’ve really caught your attention now that we’ve started talking about the idea of patterning the fronts of your stairs with wallpaper but the textured all-white design you’ve just seen is ever so slightly too subtle for what you’d like? Well, just because you want something attention grabbing doesn’t mean you have to include lots of different shades of course! We love the way Lonny completely transformed the fronts of their own stairs using only white, black, and grey, but by wallpapering them with a different intricately bold pattern on each stair riser, creating a contrast that looks nothing short of artistic.

11. Paint stamped leaf stairs


Just in case you’re still thinking about ways to make subtle changes but you’re not opposed to adding a little bit of colour to your stair risers, here’s a straight forward from Martha Stewart that guides you through the process of using actual leaves to do a little bit of light paint stamping. We love their idea for using the same colour that shows up on the walls nearby, just to create a sense of cohesiveness and colour story.

12. DIY stair drawers

Diy stair drawers

Just in case you’re feeling quite handy indeed and open to a challenge, here’s a rather innovative tutorial from Chest of Drawers that won’t necessarily change the look of your stairs, but it’ll certainly provide you with a lot more useful storage than you had before! We’re completely in awe of how many shoes they managed to stash under there, if we’re being honest.

13. DIY wooden stairway hand rail

Diy wooden stairway hand rail

Perhaps you’re actually just looking for a simple, straight forward tutorial that will teach you how to make a proper, nice wooden bannister and hand rail for your stairs in order to replace the worn down one that has been there for years? In that case, Lemon Thistle definitely has what you’re looking for, all laid out in nice, clear detail.

14. Stairway baby gate from an old wooden door

Stairway baby gate from an old wooden door

Perhaps the only change that you actually need to make to your stairs is to get a baby gate before your little one starts to crawl? Well, you could always buy on in stores, but following the steps on DIY Craftsy to install a semi-permanent one that looks farmhouse chic, won’t fall over on you, and is easier to open with one hand might be an even better plan!

15. DIY dog steps

Diy dog steps

We’ve done all this talking about DIY steps so far but in some houses, the humans aren’t actually the only ones who benefit from having a good set of stairs in a good spot. Of course, we’re talking about elderly pets who could use a set of stairs to get to their favourite places, like that old chair in the corner or your bed! This useful tutorial from Build Basic has an entire guide for building your own wooden pet stairs from scratch (and even adjusting the size a little bit depending on the size of your furry friend).

Have you overhauled your stairs in another creatively DIY way that you really enjoyed doing but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about how you did it or link to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

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