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11 Stunning Lace Decoupage Projects

Call us old fashioned, but we’re always big fans of a good decoupage project. Just because we love the crafting technique itself, however, doesn’t mean we’re stuck in our ways and do it the same way every single time. Did you know that there are plenty of other materials besides just paper, magazines, and old newspapers that you can get creative with when it comes to decoupage projects of all kinds. Some people use fabric, some use wallpaper, and others use probably our most favourite unconventional crafting tool of all: lace!

Check out these 11 stunning lace decoupage DIY projects that range from modern to rustic to stunningly vintage, depending on how you finish them.

1. Natural decoupage lace mugs

Natural decoupage lace mugs diy

Natural decoupage lace mugs

Do you love the idea of lace covered ceramic or porcelain pieces but you’d rather keep things soft and natural rather than hardening the floral pattern with paint? Then leave the lace looking like the fabric it is! Urbancomfort shows you how to achieve this delicate look.

2. Lace doily tabletop

Simple lace doily tabletop

Diy lace doily tabletop

If you’re ready for something a little more challenging than just sticking pieces of lace material to the surfaces of things then we definitely suggest checking out these stunning lace doily tabletop from The Ornamentalist! Okay, we know; technically they didn’t really use classic decoupage techniques to make this table, since they actually submerged the doilies in different layers of resin, but many of the steps you’ll complete here use the same skills that the rest of the lace decoupage projects you’ll see here require.

3. Lace covered bottle vases

Lace bottle vintage flaire

Do you have plenty of plain glasses flower vases, or even just empty plain glass bottles, around the house that you love to display flowers in but that you’ve grown bored of? Then we’d say it’s time to give them a new lease on life rather than getting rid of them and buying something new! We simply adore the way Sweet Angel Vintage used simple lace decoupage at interesting angles to create a vintage look on something that isn’t necessarily vintage at all. We’d never have guessed!