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Crafts That You Can Make Using Safety Pins

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the most practical things in your house that you use almost daily and probably don’t even think about often can actually be some of the best tools when it comes to crafting, creativity, and DIY? Those are some of our very favourite things to make because it’s like discovering a whole new purpose to a simple tool that you thought you knew everything about already! What’s our latest obsession like this, you ask? The answer is safety pins!

Check out these 12 awesome (and surprisingly simple) safety pin DIY projects that will keep you busy and entertained for hours on end. Just try not to prick the ends of your own fingers while you’re at it!

1. DIY safety pin bangle

Diy safety pin bangle

Creating a cute safety pin bangle like this one from Redflycreations is an awesome way to spend your afternoon because it actually feels almost as though you’re doing two separate crafts at once. First you’ll choose seed beads and string them along the arm of each pin and then you’ll actually pin them in place to construct the bangle itself!

2. Safety pin bib necklace

Safety pin bib necklace

Do you love the idea of making yourself some stylish safety pin jewelry but you’ve never really been one for bracelets or bangles? Then check out this more delicate looking bib necklace instead! We love the way My White Idea DIY pinned their safety pins to thin jewelry chain to create a pretty piece.

3. Nail polished safety pins

Nail polished safety pins

If you ask us, making something awesome out of safety pins really is as simple as linking more than one pin together so some of them hang down from a base pin. We’ve loved wearing these little contraptions as brooches on denim jackets and the like since we were young. Style Inked, however, suggests taking that easy self décor to the next level by painting the pins with nail polish before you put them together! We love the combination of bright colours as they dangle when you move.

4. Multi-sized safety pin and chain necklace

Multi sized safety pin and chain necklace

Are you a big fan of the dangling pin idea we talked about above but you’d rather make something that’s a little more of a statement piece rather than just putting together a simple brooch? Then check out how Wobi Sobi created this eye catching necklace using the same concept but with varied pin sizes! Grab some jewelry chain, one very large pin for the centre of the necklace, and a bunch of smaller pins to hang from it.