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DIY Inspiration: Transforming A Broken Necklace Into Earrings

So yeah, necklaces brake all the times. Those are kind of despair moments, especially if you particularly loved that charm. In such a moment of panic, you may be able to save all the pebbles falling away in all directions; unluckily, most of the times this will be quite rare and you’ll end approximately with less than half of the material you had at the beginning. So what next? You can’t just throw them in the rubbish! A cute idea is to keep using the necklace’s parts to transform them into earrings! You only need two elements, so it should be manageable. Let’s get making!

Diy tribal stud earrings material

You’ll need:

  • earring base
  • glue
  • studs or beads

Diy tribal stud earrings glue

1. Add a little drop of glue onto the earring base and stick the stud or your charm on it. You can choose to place the wholes that where from the necklace exactly front side, like I did, or turn them to the sides.

Diy tribal stud earrings stick

Diy tribal stud earrings dry

2. Let the glue dry keeping it in the position shown in the picture, without touching the bead. Don’t try to push it on place, you’ll only make a mess and it’ll fall off, believe me. Before wearing, let the glue rest for an hour or so so it fixes well.

The glue

Now let’s take a couple of words to talk about the glue, which is actually quite important in this tutorial. Unfortunately, the choice of which glue to use really depends on the material and the job you’re doing and there is only one fool-proof way to find out for sure: try it. Lucky you, I’m here to try out the best and most suitable things around so that you can make the correct choice straight away. The glue you see in the picture, is made of elastic polymers and a solvent which gives it a rubbery texture. It’s strong, but because of it’s elastic texture (even when dry) it’s not good enough for this use. I recommend you use non elastic strong glue, the ones that have a very liquid texture and are used to glue together parts of broken vases or similar; it’s peculiarity is that it dryes in seconds and glues very strongly even if the contact surface isn’t as big. I recommend this type of glue. Oh, and watch out for your fingers, it glues also those!

Diy tribal stud earrings wear

Diy tribal stud earrings set

Diy tribal stud earrings wear2

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