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DIY Dolls Your Kids Will Love

Most kids will play with any doll and have fun with it, but there’s something special about being able to make a doll for your child yourself. Whether you’re customizing an existing doll so your child can relate to it or creating your own from scratch, that toy will be filled with love and might even become a family heirloom some day.

Check out these adorable DIY ideas for making your very own dolls!

1. Black apple dolls

Black apple dolls

Emily Martin, a crafting enthusiast with great sellers ratings on Etsy, guides you through the steps of creating her best-selling plush dolls! See her tutorial featured on Martha Stewart.

2. Felt linking dolls

Felt linking dolls

Sometimes dolls are decorative! Charla Anne shows you how to make these adorable felt girls all linked together in a happy chain, but if your child might prefer to play with each one, you can make them individually as well.

3. Cotton and wool dolls

Cotton and wool dolls

As long as you have at least a little knowledge of how to work a sewing machine, these dolls are totally doable! Make them with any eye, hair, or skin colour you please. Maybe your child would really like a doll that looks like them? Living Crafts shows you how they’re done.

4. Whimsical rag dolls

Whimsical rag dolls

These might not by your classic Raggedy Anne-type rag dolls, but they’re still completely adorable! Your kids will love their hair bows and pattern dresses. They’re also still floppy and soft like a typical rag doll, making them perfect to hug. Bit of Whimsy guides you through the steps for making these whimsical friends.

5. Softie doll

Softie doll

This simply sewn doll is made from felted wool and fabric and she makes the perfect plush friend! 70 Piggies walks you through each step of the project so that you can make your very own even if you’re not extremely experienced at sewing yet.

6. Chewbacca doll

Chewbacca doll

Are your children totally obsessed with anything related to Star Wars? Then this Chewbacca doll is the perfect project for you! Draw Pilgrim developed a simple pattern for you to follow.

7. Yarn doll

Yarn doll

These little yarn dolls look like the kind of toy children might have played with centuries ago, and your kids will be totally into that idea! They’re also a great way to put leftover yarn and fabric to good use. Get the instructions for making yarn dolls on Pretty Prudent.

8. Cute mini doll with wire

Cute mini doll with wire

Do you think your child would prefer a doll they can pose rather than a floppy rag doll? Then it’s time to get creative with wire! Fab Art DIY shows how to make not only the wire doll itself, but also a cute little outfit for it.

9. DIY mermaid doll kits

Diy mermaid doll kits

Do you like the idea of making your own doll but feel like you might need a little extra guidance while you’re at it? Check out this doll making kit form Fantasy Art Trading! They provide you with all the materials you’ll need and you put it together.

10. Clothes peg dress-up dolls

Clothes peg dress up dolls

Homemade dolls don’t have to look like professional toys made in a factory! Your kids will love playing with any creative trinket you make them (and they might even like the unconventional ideas better). Try turning old clothes pegs into little dolls by giving them faces and yarn hair. Next, draw and laminate outfits to stick on with Velcro! B-Inspired Mama shows you how to do it.

11. Corn husk doll

Corn husk doll

If you like the old-fashioned idea of creating a yarn doll, then you’ll love the absolutely rustic concept of making your child a corn husk doll as well. Free People shows you how to make a friend out of natural materials and actual corn husks, just like the ones Laura Ingalls Wilder from the classic book series Little House on the Prairies played with as a child.

12. Wooden doll kits

Wooden doll kits

Maybe you liked the idea of making your own doll by following a kit, but a plush doll isn’t your style? These wooden doll kits, featured on Kid Independent, are probably more up your alley! Assemble them according to the kit and custmize them however you see fit.

13. Big dolls from printed fabric

Big dolls from printed fabric

Little kids will definitely get a kick out of playing with a doll that’s almost the same size as them! See Kate Sew offers a printed fabric that already has the details and just needs your loving touch to bring each not-so-little doll to life.

14. DIY flower fairy doll

Diy flower fairy doll

Are your kids completely crazy about whimsical fairies and magical flower sprites? Emilie Lefler walks you through the process of making your very own flower fairy doll, complete with an adorable flower petal skirt!

15. DIY nesting dolls

Diy nesting dolls

Are you hoping to make your kids a doll that occupies them a little longer than what their imagination comes up with? How about creating a doll that’s really many dolls in one! Say Yes shows you how to make adorable painted nesting dolls that kids will love stacking and unstacking between games.

Do you know someone whose child has a large doll collection that could something handmade? Share this post with them for a little bit of DIY inspiration!

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