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15 Knitted Slipper Sock Patterns

When it comes to knitting socks, there are countless awesome patterns around, as well as countless stunning sock yarns to choose from! Socks might seem a little intimidating to beginners, but in reality they’re quite easy to do once you’ve got some practice. They’re also completely addictive! After a while, however, we do like to switch things up and try different variations of our favourite things to knit. That’s how we ended up loving the process of knitting slipper socks so much! Many slipper socks are made the same way that classic socks are but with thicker, warmer wool and, since you don’t usually wear your slippers in public, the designs are colour choices are often a little wilder!

Check out these 15 awesome slipper sock patterns that you’ll have a total blast making and you, your family, and your friends will adore wearing.

1. Chunky toe-up slipper socks

Chunky toe up slipper socks

Do you love walking around the house in your socks in cold weather but putting on slippers over your socks annoys you because it feels like you’re wearing shoes? At the same time, not all thinly made store bought socks are quite warm enough to really keep your feet warm. That’s why this pattern from E-Patterns Central is the perfect happy medium! They’re made from a thick enough chunky wool that they’re extra cushy and warm, but they’re still socks that let your feet feel free and cozy.

2. Two-needle ankle slippers

Two needle ankle slippers

Perhaps you love the feeling of slipper socks but you don’t really feel like you need extra warmth up your shin and calf because it’ll make you feel a little bit too hot? Then make yourself an adorable pair of slippers that stop right at the ankle! Not An Artist guides you through the process of knitting these mid-weight, super toasty little foot slippers that won’t feel stifling even though they’ll keep you nice and warm.

3. Macarons slipper boots

Macarons slipper boots

Perhaps you started browsing this list with the hopes of finding something a little bit more outrageous and colourful than the average pair of socks usually is, maybe even with a little bit of embellishment and fun texture? Then you’re going to love these adorably bright slipper boots from Knitty! They’re a great opportunity to use up some stash when it comes to the coloured details near the top and down the front and they’re also the kind of sock that’s going to keep you warm no matter how frigid the weather gets.

4. Cabled cozies

Cabled cozies

Did you love the idea of knitting little ankle height slipper socks because you think those would be the most comfortable but you’d rather have something with a little more patterning and visual detail than the ones we showed you before? Then you must check out these adorable cabled socks from Galler Yarns! They even have a top piece that gives off the illusion that you’re wearing a pair of socks under your slippers and we think it’s adorable.

5. Floral slipper flats

Floral slipper flats

Perhaps you’re looking for a more low cut slipper pattern that won’t stifle your feet because you’re hoping to be able to wear them all year round? Then little slipper flats are a nice, cool option! They’ll still keep your feet warm and up off of cold surfaces like kitchen tiles and hardwood floors and they’ll look totally adorable at the same time. Check out how Red Heart made these ones with adorable floral embellishments!

6. Cute Mary Jane slippers

Cute mary jane slippers

Are you intrigued by the idea of making slipper flats but you’d rather something a little less ornate looking than the floral design we showed you above? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of patterns out there for you! We’re totally in love with this simple slipper from Purl SOHO because it looks just like a pair of Mary Jane shoes and we love that it’s dual colour. We can’t wait to make them for our whole family in all different colour combinations!

7. AnniKainen’s slippers

Annikainen's slippers

Do you like the Mary Jane style of slipper but you’re either not as enthusiastic about the dual colour idea as we are or you’re actually not quite ready to tackle more than one colour while you practice your slipper technique? Then check out this alternative version from Ravelry! We love the way they’ve sewn a simple silk rosette to the side where a buckle would usually be on a pair of shoes. Cuteness is in the details!

8. Swirly slippers

Swirly slippers

Perhaps you’re a more experienced knitter and constructing the actual slipper itself won’t be a problem for you, so you’re looking for something with a little more visual pattern to keep yourself interested while you knit? Then we have a feeling you’ll enjoy these swirly little bed socks from Rahymah! Their pattern shows you how to create a dual-colour blocked swirl pattern that will help you practice your colour working skills while you make something you’ll actually use in the end.

9. Pretty flower embellished slippers

Pretty flower embellished slippers

There are many different ways to construct slippers but many people prefer the classic method of knitting them flat and then stitching them together to created a little flat shoe. That’s how Cool Creativity made these pretty purple ones, but their pattern doesn’t stop there! It’s also a great tutorial on how to do stunning flower embroidery in knitting to really jazz a piece up.

10. Simple garter stitch slippers

Simple garter stitch slippers

Have you ever bought yourself a skein of sock yarn that’s so beautiful you almost just want to knit it straight up without any pattern so the variegation and colour pooling can really be appreciated to the fullest extent? As stunning as intricate stitching patterns are, they can certainly distract from the natural colouration of a pretty yarn and make gradients harder to see. That’s why we loved Hanna Levaniemi‘s idea for using highly variegated yarn to make slippers using just a simple garter stitch. We also really like the idea of contrasting the seam using a bright colour that’s included in the varying pattern so it pulls the tone out in a fun way.

11. Little Red Riding Slippers

Little red riding slippers

Are you still caught up in the idea of making yourself slippers that almost border on being boots because you’re a chilly person and really want that little bit of extra warmth when you’re at home on a cold day? Then a pair of warm, chunky socks with thick cuffs might be more along the lines of what you need! DROPS Designs guides you through the process of making just that, featuring a few cute cables around the top to make sure that nice cuff really stands out.

12. Worsted bed socks with ribbons

Worsted bed socks with ribbons

Have you ever seen adorable baby booties that tie up using ribbons and wished that you could have slippers that cute even though you’re a fully grown adult? Well, Zebbie Barback agreed too, so they made a pattern for stunning little ribbon cinched booties in all sizes! These are so  reasonable in their construction and pretty at the end that we’re tempted to set this post aside and finish later so we can go knit ourselves pairs in every colour right this moment.

13. Grouse Slipper

Grouse slipper

Do you love the idea of making slippers with a novelty cuff but you’re still a little wary of getting too complicated with things because you’re a beginner when it comes to things like socks? Then check out this super simple cuffed slipper from Lusianne R.! They make your foot look like it’s wearing a collared shirt and we’re very into the look.

14. Moscow slipper boots

Moscow slipper boots

Are you a total winter lover who wants nothing more than to be able to wear your favourite fuzzy boots all year round? Then we think you’ll be pretty intrigued by the idea of making yourself stunning fuzzy slipper boots like these ones from DROPS Designs! They’ll keep you warm and help you feel just as stylish as your Ugg boots while you’re inside on a cold winter’s day too.

15. Alaska Colour home slipper socks

Alaska colour home slipper socks

When you read the term “slipper socks” did your mind automatically picture a soft, floppy pair of huge socks that you can really hunker down into when you’re home from a long day at work? We love the idea of slippers that are loose fitting and ever so slightly oversized so your feet can really relax and feel their best. That’s why we loved this pattern from Schachenmayr so much!

Do you know a fellow knitter who loves wearing slipper socks but really needs to make themselves a new pair because they’ve walked holes into the bottoms of their old ones? Perhaps you’d like to knit some slipper socks for a friend but you’re not sure which kind or style they’d like best? Share this post with them for a little bit of inspiration!

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