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These 50 Smash Cakes Are Perfect To Ring In Year One

Once that first birthday rolls around, you’ll be ready and waiting for those little hands to dive into a slice of cake. And these 50 smash cakes are perfect to ring in year one with. Grab some inspiration and a recipe or two with all of our favorite finds below!

1. Classic

Classic smash cake recipe

Brit + Co starts us off with a classic and simple recipe. Give your baby an easy smash cake to dive into on their first birthday.

2. Vanilla with Pink Rosettes

Vanilla smash cake with pink rosettes recipe

Over at Belle of the Kitchen you can create a vanilla cake with rosettes on the outside. They just so happen to be pink, and we love them!

3. Piñata

Pinata cake recipe

Have your little one smash into the cake and have candy pouring out! With some help from A Subtle Revelry it’s easier than you may think!

4. Cinnamon Spice

Babies first healthy cake by oh everything handmade1 600x600

Oh Everything Handmade makes a cinnamon spice cake that could be a fun and unique way to celebrate. If your babe is already a favor of the spice, go with this recipe!

5. Banana with Blueberry Frosting

Banana blueberry smash cake recipe

Fruity and delicious, check out this banana cake over at Kristine’s Kitchen! Just don’t forget to top it with some blueberry frosting.

6. Vegan

Vegan birthday smash cake

Kitchen of Eatin’ makes a beautiful vegan cake as well. If you’re raising a vegan household, you’ll want to check out this recipe for sure!

7. Low-Sugar Carrot Cake with Cashew Cream Frosting

Low sugar babys first birthday cake recipe 8

The Vintage Mixer whipped up a cake with a bit less sugar. A yummy carrot cake topped with cashew frosting seems pretty delicious, don’t you think?

8. Banana

Sony dsc

Banana cake is always a hit with the little ones. Just check out Sugary & Buttery for the details. 4

9. Mini Sprinkle

Mini sprinkle smash cake recipe

How Sweet It Is made mini sprinkle cakes that your babe can dive right into. And those sprinkles will definitely garner some big smiles.

10. Spiced Banana & Date

Baby smash cake banana date cake 6b 778x1020

Snixy Kitchen went with a banana cake with a kick. Some spices and added date can really round out the flavors.

11. Blueberry

Blueberry smash cake recipe

A simple blueberry cake could be nice. It’s a bit lighter than a dense chocolate or vanilla. (via)

12. Dye-Free Sprinkles

Dye free sprinkle smash cake

Weelicious makes a sprinkle cake we’re loving too. But the sprinkles here are dye-free without all the chemicals!

13. Ombre

Ombre smash cake

If you’re looking for more of a style rather than a favor, then check out this ombre look over at This Silly Girl’s Kitchen. It’s easier to recreate than you may think!

14. With Applesauce

Applesauce smash cake

Hungry Little Munchkins made a smash cake too! And the ingredients uses a bit of applesauce.

15. Fudge Frosting

Fudge frosting smash cake recip

The Baker Mama shows us how to make a delicious fudge frosting that will definitely go down right for the big celebration. Grab the recipe after the jump.

16. Funfetti

Homemade funfetti birthday cake

A big celebration will always call for sprinkles and that means right inside of the batter! Check out this funfetii recipe at Posh in Progress.

17. Coconut & Raspberry

Coconut and raspberry smash cake recipe

Healthy Little Foodies went with a coconut and raspberry combo that has this little one chowing down. Grab the details after the jump.

18. Paleo

Paleo birthday cake smash

If you eat on a paleo plan, then we have something for you too! And it’s still packed with deliciousness and festive flavors. (via)

19. Spinach

Spinash smash cake recipe

Yes, there’s a spinach cake happening here. If you’re interested, check it out at Weelicious.

20. Mini Chocolate Layer

Mini chocolate layer cake recipe

What the Fork whipped up a mini chocolate layer cake that couldn’t be more perfect for a 1-year-old’s hand to dive right into.

21. Blueberry Lavender

Blueberry lavender smash cake

Style Sweet CA went a bit outside-the-box with their flavor choice. Light, delicious and seasonal, blueberry lavender bites are quite scrumptious.

22. Vanilla with Coconut Flour

Coconut flour paleo cake

Our Four Forks makes beautiful vanilla cake made with coconut flour. If that sounds like something you’d fancy, take the leap now!

23. Passion Fruit

Passion fruit cake recipe

A passion fruit cake could be fun for the party as well! Check out all the details over at West Elm!

24. Banana Pineapple

Banana pineapple smash cake

Here’s another fruity treat for our sweet-loving babes. The Baker Chick made a little layer cake out of banana and pineapple.

25. Vanilla Magic Custard

Magic custard cake

If you’re already a fan of custard cakes, why not whip one up for the party? They’re easy to “smash” and a fan-favorite for all! (via)

26. Strawberry

Easy fresh strawberry cake slice

Classic strawberry will always do well. You can even add some chocolate chips or icing to the mix. Grab the recipe at Julie’s Eats & Treats.

27. Blueberry Lemon

Blueberry lemon cake

Natasha’s Kitchen gives us another delicious and fruity concoction to think about. Blueberries and lemon make a cake perfect for a summertime celebration!

28. Cinnamon Sugar

Cinnamon sugar cake

The Recipe Critic went the cinnamon sugar route. Warm and inviting, it’s hard not to be satisfied with a bite out of this one.

29. Chocolate Chip

Choc chip cake

Mel’s Kitchen Cafe went with a classic, gooey chocolate chip piece of heaven. If you don’t care about getting the babe a little messy, treat them with a piece of this!

30. Vanilla Dream

Vanilla dream cake

An easy, vanilla dream cake would work too! Just add some sprinkles on top and grab some help from The Novice Chef.

31. Orange Dreamsicle

Orange dreamsicle cake recupe

For something a little more special though, check out this recipe from My Cake School. An orange dreamsicle cake will surprise guests and satisfy them – babe will like it too, don’t worry!

32. Red Velvet

Red velvet cake recipe

The Red Feedback went with a classic red velvet. Again, classic cake flavors will always be a win.

33. Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

Giant chocolate chip cookie cake

So, the kiddo may not be able to actually “smash” this cake but they sure will enjoy it. Like Mother, Like Daughter made a giant chocolate chip cookie cake that we can all drool over.

34. Shirley Temple

Shirley temple cake

Shirley temple cakes seem to be a lot of fun. They’re festive, they’re moist and we envision pictures if the smashing to be pretty special too. (via)

35. Cinnamon Roll Layer

Cinnamon roll layer cake recipe

Who loves a great cinnamon roll? Well, those flavors comes to life in this cake from Cookies and Cups.

36. Rainbow

Homemade rainbow layer cake recipe 2 682x1024

Divas Can Cook went with multiple layers and multiple colors! Learn how to make a rainbow cake by the afternoon!

37. Cookie Dough

Cookie dough cake recipe

Here’s another outside-the-box flavor that will meet the demands of more the party guests and the birthday boy or girl! Check out more info over at Bite Me More.

38. Birthday Muffins

Fluffy birthday cake muffins

These little birthday muffins are perfect for celebration and for smashing! Grab the recipe at Brooklyn Farm Girl.

39. Lemon Drop

Lemon drop cake

The Country Cook went with a single flavor cake. If your little one loves lemon, then you’ll want to check out this one!

40. Chocolate Chip Layer

Chocolate chip layer cake

Baked Bree made a personal favorite. A layered, chocolate chip cake is easy to recreate and even easier to smash into and enjoy.

41. Blueberry Zucchini with Lemon Buttercream

Blueberry zucchini cake with lemon buttercream 6056 june 26 2016 2

The View from Great Island added some veg to their cake mix! Zucchini and blueberry never tasted so sweet!

42. S’mores

Smores layer cake

Why not go with a s’mores cake in celebration of your little one turning, well, one! Brown Eyed Baker can give you all the details.

43. Chocolate Dulce de Leche

Chocolate dulce de leche cake

Or you can turn up that chocolate cake with a bit of dulce de leche. Snag the recipe at Liv for Cake.

44. Banana Chocolate Chip with Nutella

Banana chocolate chip nutella layer cake gluten free recipe 1503 title

Bananas, chocolate chips and Nutella too, it’s a cake with all of our favorite flavors in one! Give the taste buds of every one their own party with this recipe. (via)

45. Cherry Chip with Vanilla Buttercream

Cherry chip cake recipe

Completely Delicious has another favorite that we’ve celebrated with before. A dash of chocolate chips will finish this one off just right.

46. Birthday

Birthday cake recipe classic

Of course, a classic birthday cake would work too! Just check out Craftsy to learn how to make one to “smash.”

47. Blueberry Velvet

Blueberry velvet cake recipe

i heart chocolate milk made a blue cake! This is perfect for a themed event and those who love blueberries too, of course.

48. Apple Spice with Maple

Apple spice smash cake

Simple Bites took some apple and some spice and made a cake! For apple lovers, this one is a must try.

49. Chocolate with Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Frosting

Healthy chocolate cake peanut butter cream cheese frosting

If you already know you’re little one is clear of peanut allergies, than this peanut butter cake can really round out the party quite nicely. Grab the details at Hello Bee.

50. Sugar-Free Carrot & Date

Sugar free carrot and date cake recipe

And finally, nix the sugar and still make something yummy! Visit Things for Boys to learn all the details behind this carrot and date creation.

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