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15 Stunning Knitted and Crocheted Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding season is upon us and even if we’re not the ones getting married, we’re always excited to attend the weddings of our friends and family and watch their happiness unfold. Being a guest at so many weddings, however, can get expensive when it comes to buying gifts that are of good quality, so sometimes we prefer to prioritize nostalgia, detail, and great care over brand names and labels. That’s why we often make our own hand crafted wedding gifts! Creating a gift for someone yourself adds a layer of meaning for both you and the people receiving the gift and it makes it more likely to be kept, used, and cherished. Being yarn craft enthusiast, of course, our favourite ways to make our own wedding gifts are naturally to knit and crochet them.

Just in case you agree that making your own wedding gifts is the best idea but you need a little bit of inspiration when it comes to deciding on what to make and how, here are 15 beautiful DIY knitted and crocheted wedding gifts that anyone would feel lucky to get and that you’ll have a total blast making!

1. Wedding throw blanket

Wedding throw blanket

Any hand knitted blanket has the potential to become a family heirloom. Even people who don’t knit can recognize that afghans and blankets take time, care, and a lot of effort. That’s especially true with a stunning lace pattern like this one from Regina Fulton! Despite how intricate it looks, however, this pattern isn’t actually as complicated and intimidating as you might think. Their pattern shows you how to make the leaf pattern in a way that lets you memorize it easily and knit it through without hassle from there. A lace blanket like this one is certainly the kind of thing a bride might save to give to younger generations.

2. Knitted fried egg pot holders

Egg potholder

Does the couple you’re making a wedding gift for have a sense of humour and a collective love for funny, kitschy things that don’t necessarily make sense but that are just a lot of fun? Then they might just be the perfect people to make these funny little fried egg pot holders for! We find that any couple we give handmade kitchen supplies to appreciates them very much and uses them all the time. Get the pattern from Olga Shkuta.

3. Cecilia wedding shawl

Cecilia wedding shawl

Perhaps you’re a close friend or family member of the bride and you’d really love to give her something beautiful a little bit early so she can actually use if at the wedding (or at least during her bridal photoshoot) rather than just after? Then perhaps a lace shawl or wrap that she can throw on when she gets chilly without detracting from the look of her dress is the best idea! This absolutely breathtaking pattern from Rita Maassen is certainly a concentration piece, but every stitch will be worth seeing the look on your loved one’s face when you present such a glorious gift for a such a special day.

4. Scalloped table runner

Scalloped table runner by amy stender

Are you a bit newer to the world of yarn crafts than intricate lace knitting really allows for, but you’re proud of what you can do and you’re still intent on using your new skills to show your loved ones how much you care? Then perhaps knitting a simple table runner is the answer! We love this pattern from Amy Stender because the scalloped edges add a bit of glamour to an otherwise pleasantly simple pattern that will match any décor scheme your friends have already built in their home.

5.Winter Apples mittens

Winter gloves

Perhaps you’re attending a winter wedding and, even though most of the ceremony and reception will be indoors, there will still be parts of the day where the bride has to encounter chilly winds getting from place to place? Of course, she’ll want to bundle up at least a little bit but she’ll still want to wear things that won’t detract from her beautiful look too much on her special day. That’s why we’ve actually made several brides in our lives these stunning little lace mittens from Kristina Vilimaite. A simple spiralling cable and a few yarn overs help you create the image of an apple tree and a few beads for embellishment just made the whole idea even prettier than it already was.

6. Knitted neck tie

Tie winter collection

We’ve talked a lot about gifts that are perfect for brides, but what about grooms? Just because they’re in a suit rather than a stunning lace dress doesn’t mean this isn’t the most wonderful day of the groom’s life too! Of course, he might not be as keen on the idea of wearing dainty beaded lace gloves as the bride would be, so perhaps knitting him this lovely woolen seed stitch tie from Libby Summers would be a more suitable gift instead.

7. Couple’s vow mittens

Knit lovers glove

Perhaps the wedding you’re attending next is indeed a winter celebration, but your friends have actually decided to have their actual marriage ceremony is taking place outside on a backdrop of stunning snowy fields and trees that look picture perfect? Well, the couple will inevitably have to join hands at some point but no one wants frost bitten fingers, so why not help them out a little bit? We love the idea of getting winter newlyweds “couple’s mittens” that will let them hold hands but still keep warm at the same time! We doubt you’ll find a double hand mitten in stores, though, so here’s a cute, totally easy knitting pattern from Dew Knit so you can custom make your own.

8. Monogrammed dish cloths

Monogrammed dishcloths

We’ve given you a few knitted wedding gift ideas for beginner knitters, but even those had a few particular stitches and techniques that might not seem the easiest to you. We don’t want learners to feel left out, though, because really anyone can knit a wedding gift and still be giving one of the best gifts of the whole night! That’s why we want to make sure you see these adorable monogrammed dish clothes by Heather Kate. They’re made using solely knits and purls, making them very easy to do, and this particularly simple series shows you how to knit the entire alphabet, so you’re set no matter what your couple’s initials are!

9. Crocheted “Mr & Mrs” pillow covers

Mr and mrs crocheted pillow cases

Perhaps you’d rather crochet your friends something kitschy they can use in their home after the wedding is all said and done, rather than just something they’ll primarily use once on the big day? Then we think you might find these funny little crocheted “Mr & Mrs” themed throw pillow cases a lot of fun to make! Creating the lettered overlay might look a little bit intimidating but it’s actually not nearly as complicated as it looks. Get the full instructions on Joann!

10. Bride and groom crocheted dolls

Bride and groom crocheted dolls

Speaking of funny, kitschy gifts, has the couple you’re crafting for always had an appreciation for one of a kind toys or trinkets that they can collect and proudly display? Then we have a feeling they’d be the perfect people to make these adorable bride and groom crocheted dolls for! They’re the perfect post-wedding décor to set on display in their house for a few years and then hang onto as mementos later on, in years to come. Find out how they’re made in great detail on Strawberrica.

11. Nammi lace wrist warmers

Nammi lace wrist warmers

Perhaps you loved the idea of making your bride something to keep her warm on a chilly afternoon, but you’re actually attending a fall wedding and not a winter one and you’re worried that mittens will be too toasty, or perhaps that she just won’t want her hands covered? In that case, wrist warmers are something that might save your day! As you can see in this pattern from Evelyn A. Clark, they can be just as lacy and stunning as the mittens we showed you above, but they certainly won’t hide the beautiful wedding ring your bride will undoubtedly be asked to show off over and over again all night!

12. Hug Me Tight fan lace shrug

Hug me tight fan lace shrug

We’ve already shown you how to make a lace shawl, but it was an extremely delicate garment, so the warmth and coverage it will provide is naturally limited. Perhaps you’d rather make your bride something that will contrast well with the lace on her gown rather than matching it and that will actually let her snuggle into a warm garment while she moves from event to event on the big day? In that case, a shrug might be better suited and more worth your time! We actually just made this stunning fan design from Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer for a friend who got married in the summer but wanted a light sweater for the evening when the sun went down, and we felt an enormous sense of pride seeing our hard work worn by someone we love on such a special day.

13. His and Hers coffee cozies

His and hers coffee cozies

Are you still looking for an easier knitted gift that’s friendly for beginners and also a little more practical than a lot of what you’ve seen so far, but you don’t want to take on a project that’s too big for your capabilities because the wedding is actually quite soon? Then check out these adorable matching coffee mug cozies! Even thought they don’t actually say “His and Hers” on them, the idea is there when you give the new couple a matching set at once. Kristin Jones shows you how to make a cute basket weave pattern without any hassle at all!

14. Mosaic Flower coasters

Mosaic flower coasters

Are you definitely more into the idea of making your friends something practical that they’ll actually use rather than just crocheting them something that’s actually more fun for you than them and might just end up taking up space in their home? Then something useful like a coaster set is a great idea! We love these pretty floral coasters from Lyubava Crochet because they look very intricate for how surprisingly easy they are and the finished product will be just as beautiful in any colour, so you can get creative, stay neutral, or make a rainbow; whatever you think the couple will like best!

15. Lace Leaf knitted wedding garter

Lace leaf knitted wedding garter

Perhaps the wedding you’re going to has a sort of classic vintage feel about it, but the couple you’re celebrating are still sassy and stylish despite their traditional tastes? Then they’ll probably get a kick out of having the bride wear a handmade, beautifully knitted lace garter that looks like it came straight out of the Victorian era! We’ve actually made this lovingly detailed on from Jean Clement and it’s just as enjoyable to gift as it is to make. It can be your bride’s “something new” and even her “something blue” if you made it in blue yarn!

Have you knitted other impressive wedding gifts for friends and family that were full of love and that they greatly appreciated but that you don’t see on our list? Tell us about the piece, share the pattern with us, or link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!

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