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17 Pieces Of Kitchen Decor You Need To Buy ASAP

Are you looking for new ways to jazz up your kitchen space? Maybe you’re revamping the breakfast nook or maybe you’ve moving into a fresh space and you need some fresh additions? Or, maybe you just want some inspiration to do a little bit of everything. Whatever the case, we’ve found some amazing finds while scrolling the through all the wonderful designs online. Check out these 17 pieces of kitchen decor you need to buy ASAP.

1. Personalized Kitchen Sign

Personalized kitchen sign

Have one of these personalized kitchen signs made for yourself or your loved one! These work as amazing gift ideas, but they also add the right amount of personality to your home in a creative and sweet way. We love how this font also works for more modern spaces as well as more cottage-inspired visions.

2. Secret Ingredient Cutting Board

The secret ingredient cutting board

Cutting boards are fun ways to add style to your kitchen area – they don’t always have to be functional! Instead, something like this secret ingredient cutting board could add the right amount of charm to your coffee nook or baking pantry. You could even DIY one of these quite easily on your own.

3. Personalized Stove Top Cover

Personalized stove top cover

Did you know these beauties even existed? Protect your stove top with one of these handmade lifesavers! A personalized stove top cover is another wonderful gift idea but it’s also a great splurge idea for your own home as well!

4. Laundry Room Throw Rug

Laundry throw rug

Add some style to the laundry or mud room in fun, subtle ways as well. Just take a look at this laundry room throw rug, for instance. You can find this kind of functional piece for the kitchen all while adding the right amount of style to complete your room’s finished look.

5. Would Eat Here Again Decor

Would eat here again decor

Are you giving dinner 5 stars tonight? Well, you can if you install this “Would Eat Here Again” decor to the kitchen or dining room space. It’s got rustic charm and a bit of sassy personality that we love to see infused in a home’s decor.

6. Farmhouse Kitchen Sign

Large farmhouse kitchen sign personalized

If you’re looking for some larger decor ideas, check out this farmhouse kitchen sign! It would be an incredible dining room or coffee nook background, don’t you think? And, yes, you can personalize it to your liking!

7. The Secret Ingredient Is Love Wall Decal

The secret ingredient is love decal

If you love that phrase from the above cutting board, you’ll love this idea as well! Check out the secret ingredient is love wall decal  that you can hang out a kitchen window or over the range. It works really well for all of our baking fanatics out there.

8. Wooden Eat Sign

Yellow wood eat sign

And then again, sometimes simplicity really is key. This wooden eat sign add just the right amount of pop and pizazz to your kitchen or dine-in area. You can create this project at home as well – even our novice crafters – if you don’t want to shop around for something similar.

9. Personalized Mason Jar Shape

Personalized mason jar shape

We’ve absolutely fallen in love with this personalized mason jar. Above the cabinets or leaning on the dining room buffet, it adds a touch of charm and color that a true transformation will be craving. And we love how personalized it is to the family.

10. Tiered Tray Set Mix

Tiered tray set mix

A tiered tray set could help with some restyling as well. We love this particular design because of its simplicity. It can fit into an array of visions and interior design genres – from the most modern to the most bohemian.

11. Kitchen Wooden Bookstacks

Kitchen bookstacks

Some kitchen wooden bookstacks could be a cute addition as well. Sneak them in the pantry or display them on the coffee hutch. You can personalize these too – as well as whip up some on your own! Just grab some wood and some paint!

12. Fireplace Mantle Supports

Fireplace mantle supports

How amazing are these fireplace mantle supports? Install these in a dining room for rustic, warm charm or install them right above an actual fireplace for a unique appeal. It fits right in line with the farmhouse trends thriving at the moment.

13. Eat & Drink Industrial Sign

Eat & drink industrial sign

Mixed materials are fun to play with to when it comes to decor. We love mixing metals with woods for a classic style infused with masculine appeal. Just check out this Eat & Drink industrial sign for instance!

14. Coffee Nook Sign

Coffee nook sign

And if you really are a fan of coffee and love having your space where you whip up your best latte every morning, we found some of the cutes additions for you too. Just look at this adorable coffee nook sign! It’s affordable but also provides some fun inspiration for DIY projects to take on at home.

15. Flower Market Sign

Flower market sign

We are absolutely swooning for this flower market sign and all the amazing ways you can utilize it in your home. The foyer, the kitchen, or even in the dining room, it’s a stunning, rustic backdrop that will cause a beautiful focus point. And the price isn’t too shabby either.

16. Wine Bottle Wall Vase

Wine bottle wall vase

Here’s a fun way to bring interest to the walls of your home. This too is a great DIY inspiration. Old wine bottle – don’t throw them away! Turn them into some of these wine bottle wall vases instead!

17. Wood Stove Cover

Wood stove cover

And finally, here’s another variation of a wood stove cover that we love. Again, this would make for an amazing wedding gift or hostess present. It would also be a fun wood DIY project to get your hands dirty with.

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