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13 Cutting Boards That Make Time In The Kitchen A Bit More Efficient

They are one of the best hostess or housewarming gifts around. They’re versatile in the kitchen. And they’ve become a staple piece for at-home entertainment. We have also scoured to find some of the best of the best. These 13 cutting boards will make time in the kitchen a bit more a efficient and a lot more stylish too. Let’s have a peek at some of these fabulous designs.

1. Wooden Oak Chopping Boards with Handle

Wooden oak chopping boards with handle

For those that love a rustic vibe, check out these wooden oak chopping boards. They’re handmade, they’re chic, and they come in a 3-piece set that will take care of every job across the kitchen and entertainment board – no pun intended.

2. Rustic Live Edge Cutting Block

Rustic live edge cutting block

If you love a more organic feel, then you’ll absolutely fall in love with the rustic live edge cutting block. What’s amazing about this piece is how much you can use it for. Use it for cutting, displaying, charcuterie arrangements, or even as a dessert board. It’s also an amazing focus piece for a kitchen or dining area.

3. Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Cutstom cutting board

Here’s a custom engraved cutting board that would work perfectly as a wedding or hostess gift, don’t you think? You can personalize this in a variety of ways. And the price point is extremely budget-friendly.

4. Personalized Cheese Board Gift Set

Personalized cheese board gift set

Then there’s the personalized cheese board gift set that also works in more ways then one. You can personalize it in a variety of ways, use it for entertaining, and for displaying! We love that you get the tools you need with it as well.

5. Euro Vintage Wooden Bread Board

Euro vintage wooden bread board

These are both versatile and unique. And we love their old-age quality. These euro vintage wooden bread boards are authentic pieces from Hungarian delis and bakeries. Purchase one as a gift or as a special piece inside your own kitchen.

6. Wooden Narrow Charcuterie Board

Large narrow charuterie board

Yes, you can use this piece to cut but we love it as wooden narrow charcuterie board even better. It helps to create a beautiful display! And this particular board is made from cherry, walnut, and maple wood for a variation of both natural tones and textures.

7. Gem Stone Charcuterie Board

Gem stone charcuterie board

A favorite on the list is the gem stone charcuterie board. It’s really innovative and one of the best ways to style your entertainment spreads. You’ll want to keep this one in good shape so some of the larger cutting jobs may need to be done elsewhere.

8. Extra Large Black Walnut Charcuterie Board

Extra large black walnut charcuterie board

The extra large black walnut charcuterie board is another stunner. This one is completely handmade and made from edge grain wood and includes rubber feet and built-in handles already installs for easy mobility and entertaining. Use it as a serving tray, cheese board, or a cutting board – it’s finished with a custom wood balm to make all jobs a breeze.

9. City Skyline Engraved Cutting Board

Personalized cutting board with engraved city skyline

If you’re on the lookout for a beautiful wedding gift, bridal shower present, or even something to bring the hostess with the mostess – do it with a fun spin! This city skyline engraved cutting board will give them something to both utilize and display!

10. Over Counter Walnut Cutting Board

Over counter walnut cutting board

This is one of the most versatile of choices – and one of the best handmade pieces as well. This over counter walnut cutting board works for both cutting and entertaining. What’s amazing about going with a darker toned wood is that it makes displaying even more stylish and memorable. And don’t worry, the wood is finished with a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax for long life.

11. Personalized Large Live Edge Cutting Board

Large live edge cutting board

And finally, here’s another gorgeous personalized live edge cutting board that you can snag for someone you love – including yourself! These are wonderful as display pieces or decor for the kitchen. But the best part is that they’re actually quite versatile too.

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