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DIY Kids’ Slime

Are you the kind of crafty parent who loves helping your kids get creative and doesn’t shy away of mess, but also likes to help them keep up with fun trends too? We like to keep an eye on what kinds of kids’ crafts are most popular right now because we just know that one of these days, our own kids will hear about it from their friends at school and come home begging to make it too! That’s what happened with slime, the latest crafting trend that’s totally cool but also just gross enough to be the kind of thing that kids will really get obsessed with. Ours just can’t get enough of the gross, gooey texture! Besides that, we actually love making slime with them as well because there are just so many awesome colours, textures, and effects that you can make your slime have. Versatility in a craft is great because our kids don’t just want to make slime this afternoon… they want to make it over and over again until we’ve made all the different kinds of slime they can possibly think of!

Just in case your kids have become as obsessed with slime as ours have, here are 15 of the coolest slime making tutorials and suggestions we’ve come across in our hunt for the ultimate slimy crafternoon options!

1. Nutella slime

Nutella slime

Did you know that slime is the kind of craft that a lot of parents and teachers make with kids because it’s a multi-sensory project? Besides being able to see the bubbles and stretchiness and feel the way the slime squishes in your hands, there are slime recipes out there that are made with ingredients designed to make it smell good too. This super sweet smelling Nutella slime from Aira Tran is the perfect example of what we mean! While there are definitely edible slime recipes out there, we wouldn’t recommend eating this one. Try storing the slime right inside an old Nutella jar to keep it fresh and prank your kids’ friends!

2. Rainbow slime

Rainbow slime

Besides slime, are your kids currently completely obsessed with anything rainbows? When it comes to choosing colours for anything at all, ours are always picking many shades in combination so that whatever they’re doing, wearing, making, or eating looks like a unicorn. That’s why they were so excited when we made this rainbow slime from DIY Projects for Teens with them!

3. Baking soda slime

Baking soda slime

If you’ve already been looking up slim recipes for a while, then you probably also already know that many of the original tutorials from when slime first became popular were made with Borax. This is strong in chemical content, however, so many parents have been looking for alternative ways to make slime that let them skip that ingredient. That’s why we liked this recipe from Monster Kids so much! Their tutorial shows you how to make the same craft with the same consistency but using kid safe baking soda in place of Borax.

4. Worry free, kid-friendly slime

Worry free, kid friendly slime

Are you planning on making slime at your kids’ next birthday party, so you have the wellbeing of all their friends on your hands as well as their own, making crafting safety particularly important? In that case, this purposely kid-friendly recipe from Surviving A Teacher’s Salary is definitely the one for you. It’s made with gentle ingredients that are all deemed safe to use by schools but that will still get you that awesome slime texture for maximum crafty fun!