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15 Juicer Recipes To Experiment With

Grab the fresh fruit and let’s get creative in the kitchen! Any one of these 15 juicer recipes will be fun to experiment with. If you like freshly-pressed juicing and all of the delicious ingredients and benefits that come from those kinds of sips, then this is definitely a list you’ll want to keep in your back pocket.

1. Beginner’s Green Juice

Beginner's green juice recipe

Lettuce Be Healthy shows off a simple, “beginner’s” green juice recipe that’s a great way to start your healthy new lifestyle. With bouts of greens and some sweetness too, you’ll instantly fall in love with the refreshing taste of a good-for-you juice. Hop on over now and see how to put your juicer to good use.

2. Pineapple Cucumber Mint

Pineapple cucumber mint juice

The pineapple evens out the cucumber and the mint adds a nice zest to the overall flavor. All you have to do is travel over to Linda Wagner and grab the recipe. It’ll become your favorite afternoon pick-me-up without any guilt or shameful snacking involved.

3. Carrot Orange

Carrot orange juice recipe

Carrot juice is another go-to recipe you’ll want to have up your sleeve if you plan on taking your juicing to a new and serious level. Thankfully, Minimalist Baker had a classic and delicious recipe for us to try out. Don’t worry, the sweetness from the fruit will help with the “all-veg” tastes.

4. Cleansing Vitamin C

Cleansing vitamin c juicer recipe

Are you looking for a delicious way to boost your immunity? All you need is some extra vitamin C to make it happen. And if you visit A Thrifter in Disguise you’ll get a juicer recipe that will give you just that.

5. Strawberry Pineapple Lemonade

Strawberry pineapple lemonade juicer recipe sq