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Adorable DIY Projects for Cat Lovers

Crafting and DIY might seem like our number one love, given how much we talk about all of the techniques we’ve learned and the things we love to make, but believe it or not… there’s something we love even more. You see, even before we were avid crafting enthusiasts, we were cat lovers! Lucky for us, there are plenty of ways to combine our two favourite things in lots of different ways if you put a little bit of creativity into it. Now that we’ve realized that, we make cat-themed crafts and DIY projects that we know our cats will love all the time.

Just in case you’re also a fellow DIY enthusiast and cat lover, here are 15 of the coolest cat themed or cat friendly DIY and crafting projects we’ve made so far, complete with great tutorials!

1. Cat pillows with ears and hearts

Cat pillows with ears and hearts

Do you have at least a little bit of sewing knowledge, even if it’s just knowing how to create seams on a machine or add embellishment with a little bit of hand stitching? Then you’re totally capable of making yourself this adorable cat pillow! Popsugar gives you the pattern to make a funny little cartoon friend that’s hugging a heart and looking so content that we can practically hear it purring.

2. Cat wall climbing furniture

Cat wall climibng furniture

Do you have several furry friends who need lots of fun places to sit, sleep, and climb? Our cats would probably be content with just climbing on the furniture we already have, but we crave creativity enough that we’d rather make something special just for them whenever we can. Looking for projects like that is how we found this tutorial for an amazing cat climbing wall from Etika Projects! It’s got shelves, stairs, sleeping nooks, hammocks, and just about anything a kitty might find comfortable.

3. DIY cat house foot stool

Diy cat house foot stool

We’ve seen a project trending lately where people are making their dog’s little sleeping houses in pieces of furniture, like foot stools and side tables, and we think they’re great! We also think, however, that kitty cats deserve a nice place to sleep in the living room when the rest of the family is hanging out too! That’s why we made ourselves (and our furry friends) this awesome cat house foot stool! Find out how it’s done on DIY Network.

4. DIY black cat pumpkins

Diy black cat pumpkins

Have you ever seen something in a crafting store before that you liked the way it was, but liked even more the moment you realized you were picturing it altered into something else using your crafting skills? Then you’ll love this idea for turning cute little ceramic pumpkin into sweet black Halloween cats by painting them black, stacking them, and adding cute features! Check out how these ones were made on Morena’s Corner.