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Adorable DIY Projects for Cat Lovers

Crafting and DIY might seem like our number one love, given how much we talk about all of the techniques we’ve learned and the things we love to make, but believe it or not… there’s something we love even more. You see, even before we were avid crafting enthusiasts, we were cat lovers! Lucky for us, there are plenty of ways to combine our two favourite things in lots of different ways if you put a little bit of creativity into it. Now that we’ve realized that, we make cat-themed crafts and DIY projects that we know our cats will love all the time.

Just in case you’re also a fellow DIY enthusiast and cat lover, here are 15 of the coolest cat themed or cat friendly DIY and crafting projects we’ve made so far, complete with great tutorials!

1. Cat pillows with ears and hearts

Cat pillows with ears and hearts

Do you have at least a little bit of sewing knowledge, even if it’s just knowing how to create seams on a machine or add embellishment with a little bit of hand stitching? Then you’re totally capable of making yourself this adorable cat pillow! Popsugar gives you the pattern to make a funny little cartoon friend that’s hugging a heart and looking so content that we can practically hear it purring.

2. Cat wall climbing furniture

Cat wall climibng furniture

Do you have several furry friends who need lots of fun places to sit, sleep, and climb? Our cats would probably be content with just climbing on the furniture we already have, but we crave creativity enough that we’d rather make something special just for them whenever we can. Looking for projects like that is how we found this tutorial for an amazing cat climbing wall from Etika Projects! It’s got shelves, stairs, sleeping nooks, hammocks, and just about anything a kitty might find comfortable.

3. DIY cat house foot stool

Diy cat house foot stool

We’ve seen a project trending lately where people are making their dog’s little sleeping houses in pieces of furniture, like foot stools and side tables, and we think they’re great! We also think, however, that kitty cats deserve a nice place to sleep in the living room when the rest of the family is hanging out too! That’s why we made ourselves (and our furry friends) this awesome cat house foot stool! Find out how it’s done on DIY Network.

4. DIY black cat pumpkins

Diy black cat pumpkins

Have you ever seen something in a crafting store before that you liked the way it was, but liked even more the moment you realized you were picturing it altered into something else using your crafting skills? Then you’ll love this idea for turning cute little ceramic pumpkin into sweet black Halloween cats by painting them black, stacking them, and adding cute features! Check out how these ones were made on Morena’s Corner.

5. DIY cat hammock

Diy cat hammock

Do you have a furry friend who loves to find any comfy, curvy spot that lets them mould themselves into a nice warm space? Well, we’re sure your kitty can find plenty of spots just like that around your home on their own, but you can always help by making them one you know they’ll like in a perfect spot! This tutorial from Instructables guides you through the process of making a cute little cat hammock that your pet will adore napping in all day long.

6. Simple cardboard tiered cat hammock

Simple cardboard tiered cat hammock

Do you love the idea of a cat hammock but you’re not sure you’re ready to work with the wooden pieces and sewn fabric that the previous hammock, which screws into the wall, requires? In that case, here’s an easier, more low maintenance version that you can make using things you probably already have at hand in your home! One Good Thing shows you how to make a two tier cat hammock bed from some old towels and a cardboard box. Your kitty can either sleep on the solid bottom half where the ground will make it warm or cool, or feel cradled in the hanging second tier!

7. DIY cat bowl stand

Cat feed bowls

Perhaps your feline friend has enough beds for now but they could really use a better food station rather than just eating in a corner on the ground? This is often especially true for elderly cats who might feel stiff and have a little bit of trouble bending low over their dish if it sits on the floor? In that case, you might be better off makin them a little food stand that will hold their water and dinner in place, higher up where it’s easier for them to reach. We really like this wooden stand from Centsational Girl because it also keeps the bowls steady enough that Kitty can’t wake you up with the sound of kicking their things across the floor in the middle of the night.

8. Stacked cardboard “cat-scraper”

Stacked cardboard cat scraper

Is your cat a younger one with lots of energy who loves nothing more than giving their claws a good workout, sharpening them on just about anything in sight? Well, instead of training them not to scratch the furniture but leaving them with no alternatives, try making them this cat “skyscraper” instead! Sure, there are plenty of premade scratching posts that you could easily buy in stores, but where’s the fun in that when you could simply layer upcycled cardboard at a cheaper cost? Fin out how this one was made on Maison Kuotidien.

9. DIY outdoor cat run

Diy outdoor cat run

Speaking of playful kitties, are your furry friends so energetic that they want nothing more than to run around in the sun and chase butterflies outside, but you live in the city and you’re worried about their safety or whether they’ll escape? In that case, as long as you’re feeling handy and ready to work with wood and wire, this awesome outdoor cat run might be the perfect project for you! We love the way Cuckoo 4 Design build larger enclosures for their cats to run around in but also built smaller runs along the fence and outdoor walls so the kitties can climb around and see the yard from any angle, all within safety.

10. DIY rope wrapped scratching post

Diy rope wrapped scratching post

Do you love the idea of making your cat a scratching post but you think your cat might be so enthusiastic in their scratching that they’ll tear a cardboard version completely apart and all over your floor by the end of the day? Then perhaps you’d prefer something a little more hardy that will withstand their claws better! Check out how Dream A Little Bigger created a scratching post by attaching a wooden post into a carpeted base and wrapping the post with rope that your cat will love digging their nails into.

11. Litter box curtain “room”

Litter box curtain room

Perhaps you live in a  small home and you don’t really have a discreet place to put your cat’s litter box without visiting guests seeing it and your cat having no privacy? Then perhaps something like this curtained table design from The Blissful Bee would be a good a good solution for you! Hiding the littler box under a table saves you a little bit of space and adding a curtain that you can pull in front of it hides it from view when you have visitors without really inconveniencing your cat any.

12. DIY cat grass

Diy cat grass

Have your DIY skills always laid more in the realm of gardening, planting, and cultivating pretty green things? Well, you might not think that plants and flowers is something that you can your cat can bond over, particularly if you’ve ever seen your cat get sick from eating common lawn grass, but Making Jiggy is here to remind you that there’s even a cat DIY for those of us with green thumbs! Check out how they planted and grew their own cat grass, potting it in a way that’s decorative enough to look cute in your home but still accessible for your kitty to snack on any time they please.

13. Big cat tree

Cat tree

Are you still enamoured with the idea of making your cat a DIY scratching post but you’ve also seen those magical looking cat trees made from real branches, with all kinds of platforms and cozy carpeted semi-circle pieces that your cat can scratch, jump on, and sleep in? Well, believe it or not, those are a kind of post that you can make yourself as well! Grab the tools and check out how Top Inspired made these ones from actual tree branches.

14. Cat teepee

Cat teepee

Are you fully aware that a lot of the stuff you make for your cat is actually a little bit more of a treat for you than it is for your cat, but you’re still intent to make something cute that they’ll enjoy? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll completely adore both making and watching your cat use these funny little cat teepees. Get the instructions from Fudge and Joy.

15. Felt Neko Atsume cats

Felt neko atsume cats

What if you’re a total cat lover but you don’t actually own a cat right now that you can craft for? Well, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make yourself cat themed crafts, right? We’ve made lots of these adorable little felt kitties inspired by the smartphone app Neko Atsume and each time we make one, we love doing them even more! Check them out in more detail on Librarian Style.

Do you know a fellow DIY enthusiast, crafter, and cat lover who is always looking for new projects to make for their little furry friends? Share this post with them so they have even more things to try their hand at making!

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