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These 20 Ikea Spice Rack Hacks Will Save Your Cluttered Corners

There are so many wonderful ways to spruce up the house and get spring cleaning (and organizing) off on the right foot. And for us, all we need to start is a simple piece from one of our favorite stores. These 20 Ikea spice rack hacks will save your cluttered corners since they’re not only for pantry organization. Check them out now!

1. Clothing Rack

Diy ikea spice rack hack clothing rack

Piper + Poppies turned the rack upside down and used it to show off cute clothes in a nursery! It’s such an innovative way to use the piece.

2. Ribbon Rack

Diy ikea spice rack hack for craft room

They’re perfect for holding ribbons too. Organize your craft room a little better like 7 Layer Studiodid!

3. Nail Polish Rack

Diy nail polish rack

Of course your nail polishes fit nicely too. And we love how they added a pop of color to the rack before showing of their collection! (via)

4. Book Rack

Ikea bekvam as colourful childrens bookshelves 777x1024

A Baby On Boardshows us how easy they are to fix in the nursery and use for displaying the kiddos favorite books. Again, don’t be afraid to dip them in some paint.

5. Jewelry Rack

Diy ikea space rack hack jewelry

Cupcaitadded some hooks at the bottom and used it to display and organize her necklace collection. It’s so easy and simple to do right at home.

6. Glasses Rack

Diy spice rack ikea hack glasses

The Best of the Cottagefound a great use for these spice racks as well. Fixated to the kitchen cabinets and painted to match, they became the perfect water glass holders.

7. Key Rack

Diy spice rack ikea hack keyss

with some extra hooks attached, this spice rack is great for keeping the keys on hand. Check out this idea over at Ikea Hackers.

8. Desk Rack

Diy ikea spice rack hack desk

Bondvilletook several of these racks and attached them to a pegboard behind their desk. Use them to organize and decorate in the home office or craft room!

9. Changing Rack

Ikea spice rack changing station

Even the nursery could use these for organizing and making the have-to’s a bit easier. Keep everything at an arm’s reach with this idea from Making This Home Ours.

10. Washi Tape Rack

Washi tape rack diy

You can even organize and display your washi tape with help from these fun racks. You’ll be able to grab what you need in an instant. (via)

11. Towel Rack

Diy ikea spice rack towel rack

We found this beauty on Pinterestand have been swooning over its simplicity and function. Jazz up the guest bathroom a little bit a place for extra fresh flowers and hand towels.

12. Writing Rack

Diy writing rack from spice rack

Personally Andreashows off how to organize all your pens, markers and the like. Your writing corner just got a lot more creative-friendly and clutter-free.

13. Cleaning Rack

Diy cleaning supplies rack

Over at Good Housekeeping, you’ll see how these clever little pieces were hung inside a closet and used to keep all the cleaning supplies off the floor and ready to use. Don’t worry about spilled bottles or hidden sprays anymore.

14. Decor Rack

Innovative wall mounted spice rack in home office contemporary with wall mounted coat rack next to ikea billy bookcase hack alongside spice rack andwall mounted shoe rack

Made By Moodused them to display tile pieces for extra pops of color and texture on the walls. We love this creative, collage feel.

15. Sewing Rack

DIY Sewing Rack Spice Rack Hack

Pinterestgave us another bit of fun inspiration with this sewing rack solution. Get everything off the countetops and organized with help from the spice racks.

16. Morning Essential Racks

Diy spice rack hack bathroom rack

If you have a small bathrooms, these Ikea spice racks can be transformed into an easy place to keep all of your morning essentials. Instead of clutter on the counter, just grab from the wall. (via)

17. TV Rack

Ikea hack spice rack to tv stand

TV stands can be made from these versatile pieces too! City of Creative Dreamsutilized these spice racks from Ikea and totally transformed it into a functional new design for the living room.

18. Toilet Paper Rack

Processed with vscocam

Adding a dowel rod and some leather straps can get you an easy toilet paper rack. It’s so simple – and you can add some color to match your bathroom! (via)

19. Toy Racks

Diy ikea spice rack toy hack

Ikea Hackersshows us how to turn those everyday racks into something fun for the kiddos. Hang them up and use them for the play kitchen!

20. Magazine Rack

Diy magazine rack ikea spice rack

And finally, here’s another great use for the bathroom. Use this spice rack and turn it into an easy magazine rack for company! (via)

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