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5 Gorgeous Brick DIY Backsplash Tutorials

Whether it’s the entire kitchen or just a bit of texture adding behind the stove, brick is a classic way to add pizazz and jazz to this welcoming, counterpoint of your home. And, there are actually several different ways to install this type of backsplash as well as styles. From raw to faux, we’ve searched for the best brick backsplash tutorials around. Do-it-yourself and have a hand in your kitchen renovation with one of these fun toppings to the new look.

1. Classic Brick Backsplash from Redhead Can Decorate

Diy brick backsplash

Aside from the backsplash itself, we really love the contrast of the modern, chic cabinetry and the distressed brick you see here. It’s such a beautiful accent to this traditional kitchen and it creates a centerpiece to the room with ease and interest. Using real brick pieces, you can follow along, step-by-step with this tutorial that even novice “renovators” can try their hands at.

2. Whitewashed Brick Backsplash from Remodelaholic

Whitewashed faux brick backsplash

If you’re looking for something a bit softer that will continue to brighten and open up the room – but you still want the same amount of interest and texture – you’ll want to take a look at this whitewashed faux brick backsplash. It goes well with subtle, neutral kitchens and even add a sense of romance to the space. From wall prep to paint, you’ll get all the details you need to recreate this in your own home.

3. Veneer Brick Backsplash from Remington Avenue

Diy brick veneer brick backsplash

Here’s another style that’s a bit more subtle and romantic, for those that don’t want something too contrasting or rich. These veneers have a bit of a vintage quality and distressed aesthetic, which is perfect for those that want a brick backsplash that blends instead of stands on its own. The best part of this entire tutorial is that it doesn’t cost an arm and leg to get the job done!

4. Faux Brick Backsplash from More Like Home

Diy faux brick backsplash

With this project you get texture combined with modern simplicity. There’s no distressing here so you get a white and bright, brick backsplash that can be set inside a contemporary kitchen with ease. Fortunately, you can paint the faux bricks any neutral you’d like for a traditional, family-styled kitchen as well.

5. Raw Brick Backsplash from Trailer Trash Treasure Trove

Diy raw brick backsplash

Finally, for those that want to stay away from veneers and use raw brick, this is the tutorial you’ll want to pounce on and follow. Keep in mind that you can also paint over this but if you want something more organic and edgy, steer clear from color. Hop on over to Trailer Trash Treasure Trove and check out all the ingredients to making this brick backsplash inside your own kitchen at home.

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