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25 Fun Projects Using Scrabble Pieces

Coasters, art, jewelry and more, there are so many nifty things to create with some Scrabble pieces you have floating around the house. If you’ve got an old game with missing pieces, instead of throwing it all away, use the extra letters to get crafty. Here are 25 fun DIYs using those scrabble tabs!

1. Name Frame

DIY Scrabble Name Frame

Create a scrabble design using family names. Every home will have a unique look and it would be perfect for dining room, living room or hallway collages. {found on Morning Creativity}

2. Adjustable Rings

DIY Scrabble Rings

Funky and fun, these work great as personalized little gifts and fun projects for the kids to try out. {found on Pretty Quirky Pants}

3. Coasters

DIY Scrabble Coasters DIY Scrabble Coasters

This is probably the most probably of the bunch, add some fun flavor to the living room with some easy-to-make scrabble coasters! {found on I Love To Create}

4. Chain Necklace

DIY Scrabble Necklace

You can use those tiles as charms too in the creation of your very own necklace. Inspiration words, names, places and more can be dangled from your neck! {found on Jewels of Sayuri}

5. Initial Cufflinks

DIY Scrabble Cufflinks

Here’s a creative way to upcycle scrabble tiles instead of throwing them out. Groomsmen or board game fanatics could dawn these during a special event. {found on Hello Wonderful}

6. Fridge Magnets

DIY Scrabble Magnet

Attach some magnets to the back of some tiles and have an ongoing scrabble game on your fridge! You don’t even have to keep score, just have fun! {found on Crafts by Amanda}

7. Keychains

DIY Scrabble Keychain

Personalized everyone’s keys and never mix them up again with an initial (or an entire name!) attached! You could even paint them if you wanted to add some color. {found on Shades of Tangerine}

8. Wall Art

Diy Scrablle WAll

If you’re feeling bold, try using some magnetic paint on your walls and creating magnets out of your scrabble pieces. Then, you can create something funky like this on the walls! {found on A Subtle Revelry}

9. Christmas Ornament

DIY Scrabble Ornament

This may be one of the more obvious DIYs but we love it all the same. Family names, Christmas songs and more … there are so many different ways to create these ornaments. {found on Mom 4 Real}

10. Baby Shadowbox

DIy Scrabble Baby Shadowbox

This is such a great gift for new mom’s and dad’s. Shadowboxes or frames with baby’s special details inside, using the tiles to display his/her name! {found on EmmaBee}

11. Teacher Clothespins

DIY Scrabble Clothespin

Anyone could use some to hang photos, but these in particular are meant for a teacher and her classroom. Show off artwork, A+ papers and more! {found on Pen & Paint}

12. Push Pins

DIY Scrabble Push PIns

Cover the boring push pins you have in your home office or craft room with some of your leftover Scrabble tiles. It’ll add extra charm in an unsuspecting place and it’s so easy to do! {found on Photojojo}

13. Glass Charms

Scrabble Wine Glass Charms

During dinner parties or holiday get-together’s, it’s hard keeping everyone’s drinks from getting lost in the mix. Use some scrabble tiles as wine glass charms! {found on Living Like the Kings}

14. Napkin Rings

DIy Scrabble Napkin Rings

Napkin rings can be adorned with them too! Who knew this simple idea could create such an adorable new piece of tableware? {found on Brit+Co}

15. Language Art

Diy Scrabble Art

Say hello in all different languages. This is such  great mantle or home office desk piece, and so easy to duplicate too. {found on Alvorada}

16. Scrabble Frame

Diy Scrabble Frame

Adorn a frame you already have with a bit of jazz that you can add in about 5 minutes. Names, occasions and more can be used for this idea. {found on Adventures in Decorating}

17. Cake Topper

DIy Scrabble Cake Topper

Bring the fun to a wedding, birthday party, show or any other special occasion where a cake could use a topper! {found on the knot}

18. Mirror Frame

DIY Scrabble Mirror

If you have the time, then this is the DIY you need to try. We’re in love with this intricate piece of home decor, aren’t you? {found on Home Bunch}

19. Candle Filler

DIY scrabble Candle filler

This idea takes about … 3 seconds to finish. Dump some extra tiles inside the votive holder or vase, and you’re done! {found on Lia Griffith}

20. Tile Flooring

DIY Scrabble Tile Floor

We fell in love with this idea instantly. It’s so unique and so obvious that it’s an ingenious piece of inspiration. Scrabble floors may take a bit of time but could be totally worth it. {found on Houzz}

21. Bracelet

DIy Scrabble Bracelet

You can even make a fun bracelet for your jewelry collection. Add color, sparkle or funky beads to the mix as well. {found on Frugal Living}

22. Card Holder

Diy scrabble business card holder

This is a sure way to make your business cards pop! Grab the glue and get started on this little number. {found on Etsy}

23. DIY Dry Erase Board

DIY Scrabble Dry Erase Board

We all know a picture frame and glass cover can also be used as a dry erase board, but with the addition of some scrabble tiles it gets so much more adorable. {found on Celebrating the Moment}

24. Wreath Addition

DIY Scrabble Wreath

Use scrabble pieces as simple embellishments for things like wreaths! Make them seasonal or usable all year round. {found on Lucky in Love Designs}

25. Garden Markers

DIY Scrabble Garden Markers

Even your garden can get a makeover from some simple DIYs. These are not only helpful but adorable and easy-to-make too! {found on eHow}

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