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25 Fantastic DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

It can be difficult to find the perfect present for the mom-to-be at her baby shower. If you don’t like giving gifts from the registry (or if you like to supplement a registry item with something handmade), then this roundup is for you. Here are 25 of our favorite DIY baby shower gift ideas.

1. Faux Vest Onesie

Faux Vest Onesie

This faux vest onesie is just the cutest. And the best part is that it also has interchangeable bow ties! Head over to Make It & Love It for the full photo tutorial.

2. DIY Pacifier Clips

pacifier clip tutorial

Find out how to make these custom pacifier clips over at See Kate Sew. You can use any fabric color, and she even shows you how to add little accents like bows and lace.

3. Burp Cloths

burp cloth

Make a set of these adorable burp cloths for the mom-to-be. Word is that these are the easiest and best burp cloths you will ever make. Find out how here.

4. Mommy Survival Kit

mommy survival kit

Give the new mom everything she didn’t know she’d need! Happy Home Fairy shows you how to assemble the perfect survival kit right here.

5. Handmade Growth Chart

growth chart

This gorgeous handmade growth chart is marked with pretty red tags attached to a burlap strip with safety pins. Make your way over to Bump Smitten to find out how to make one.

6. DIY Baby Shoes

baby shoes

Make a pair of baby shoes… the guests at the shower are sure to ooh and ahh! These adorably tiny shoes can be customized with any type of fabric you like. Get the tutorial here.

7. Nursery Door Latch Cover

DIY Nursery Door Latch Cover

These are always a hit at showers… they soften the sound of the door closing so baby doesn’t wake up, and they also prevent the door from accidentally locking. Get the tutorial here.

8. Minky Blanket Tutorial

minky blanket

Learn how to make one of these soft minky blankets over at Happy Hour Projects. They’re simple to make and super cozy for the new little one.

9. Matching Blanket Bundle

blanket bundle

This adorable matching bundle includes a bib, a burp cloth and a blanket. Get the tutorial over at The Life of Jennifer Dawn.

10. Button Monogram

baby button monogram

If the mom-to-be already has a name picked out, she’s sure to love one of these precious button monograms. Jamielyn from I Heart Naptime shows us how to do it here.

11. Baby Hats

baby hats

These colorful little hats are impossibly cute. They are made of stretch fabric and don’t take long to make. The hats above were made by Probably Actually and you can find the original tutorial here.

12. DIY Receiving Blanket

baby receiving blanket

This sweet little receiving blanket has a clever secret pocket that holds an extra burp cloth for those “uh oh” moments. Get the sewing tutorial here.

13. Patchwork Quilt

baby quilt

This patchwork quilt will take a little longer than some of the other projects on this list, but it is one of those pieces that can be kept forever. Muffins + Marathons shows how to make it here.

14. DIY Hooded Towel

Baby hooded

This DIY hooded towel is sweet looking and also very helpful at bath time. You can add any type of trim you want! Get the tutorial at Simple Bliss.

15. A Baby Swaddler That Fits

baby swaddler that fits diy

This swaddler has a specific shape that fits baby perfectly… and a soft inner layer for comfort. Get the in-depth tutorial at Alida Makes.

16. No-Sew Quiet Book

quiet book no sew

Quiet books are perfect for little ones to work on their motor skills… find out how to make this no-sew book out of felt over at Powerful Mothering.

17. Fabric Stuffed Elephant


This colorful chevron stuffed elephant is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Learn how to make this adorable stuffed animal over at Fabricworm.com.

18. DIY Bobby Pillow


Boppies are versatile little C-shaped pillows that help during nursing and are also great for babies that are learning to sit up on their own. Here’s the simple sewing tutorial.

19. Felt Mr. Potato Head

diy mr potato head

Those of you who grew up a few decades ago probably remember how popular Mr. Potato Head was… well now you can make a felt and velcro version! Here’s the tutorial.

20. Soft Baby Blocks

baby blocks

These foam-filled blocks are sure to be one of baby’s favorite toys… and they are so easy to create! Find out how to make a set over at Wren Handmade.

21. Crocheted Nursing Necklace

nursing necklace

Babies love to play with mom’s jewelry while nursing… so give the mom-to-be a soft crocheted nursing necklace! Get the tutorial here.

22. Age Blocks

age blocks

Mark age milestones by taking pictures with these adorable age blocks! Find out how to make your own using Angela’s easy tutorial.

23. Knotted Headband

knot headband

A set of these handmade fabric headbands in a variety of colors would be a great baby shower gift. Get the simple how-to over at Love Stitched.

24. Nursing Scarf and Cover Up

nursing scarf

Help the mom-to-be nurse in public by making her one of these super easy nursing cover-ups. When not in use, they double as infinity scarves! Get the instructions here.

25. Bandana Bib

bandana bib

What’s cuter than a baby wearing a plaid bandana?! And this one is thick enough to be worn as a bib. Get the easy sewing tutorial over at the How Does She? blog.

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