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Pretty Homemade Spring Table Centrepieces

Each year when the weather starts to warm up, we find ourselves wanting to host friends and family in our home a lot more. We have a stunning patio and a bright, cheerful dining room and springtime makes us feel just social enough to want to put them to good use! Of course, if we’re going to host a dinner, we’re also going to go all out with table settings and scapes because that’s just the kind of enthusiastic, DIY hosts we are. That’s why we’ve had our eyes peeled lately for stunning springtime DIY centrepieces!

Just in case you’re as interested in making your very own springtime centrepieces as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the very best ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration.

1. Glass jar, daffodil, and paper doily centrepiece

Glass jar, daffodil, and paper doily centrepiece

Where we’re from, one of the biggest marks of spring coming is in the blooming of tulips all over local parks and gardens! That’s why we love the way they look in decor when we change things over after the winter; nothing reminds us of spring more. If you feel the same way, we’d definitely suggest checking out how Yellow Bliss Road made this pretty glass jar, daffodil, and paper doily centrepiece.

2. Paper flower and lace bottle centrepiece

Paper flower and lace cup centrepiece

Perhaps you’re not from a place where tulips bloom each spring but you’d still like to make some kind of pretty floral centrepiece that’s nice and simple? Well, if you’re also a lace lover, then we think perhaps you’ll get a kick out of the way Crafts Unleashed made these pretty paper flower centrepieces with lace ribbon wrapped around a glass bottle used as a vase.

3. Flower arrangements in pastel egg shells

Flower arrangements in pastel egg shells

If you’re going to make yourself a spring centrepiece, would you rather make something that’s a little more explicitly linked to Easter? Well, particularly if you love pastel colours, we think you’ll really appreciate the way Martha Stewart made these fantastic little spring flower bouquets that stand inside a painted egg shell resting in an egg cup.

4. Bright lemons in a glass vase

Bright lemons in a glass vase

Perhaps you’ve already got a lovely springtime flower arrangement put together and ready for your springtime table but you just can’t help feeling that it could use a little something extra? Well, spring doesn’t have to be all about flowers all the time. We love the way fruit starts to come back into season too! That’s why we liked this DIY lemon vase idea from Yellow Bliss Road so much.