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Homemade Lip Gloss Recipes

Ever since we were little kids, lip gloss has been one of our very favourite makeup products. In fact, it’s the first “makeup” we ever owned and learned how to use! Sure, we’d put Chapstick on before to keep our lips hydrated and stop them from getting chapped, but there’s something about a nice smelling lip gloss with a big of colour or shimmer to it that just gets us excited to use it.

We quickly learned, however, that we have some minor sensitivities to different products and ingredients that are often found in store bought makeup, including lip gloss. Many brand name glosses include synthetic ingredients that, while harmless to most people, make our lips feel tingly and uncomfortable. We tried switching to organic brands only not so long ago, but because the organic makeup industry has been trending, the products can be a little bit more expensive because people are willing to pay higher prices to keep up with what’s fashionable and reduce their environmental footprint or contribution to animal cruelty. That’s a valiant cause, but we also need to be a little bit more cost conscious, so we solved the problem by learning how to make our own lip gloss!

Check out these 15 fragrant, delicious, and natural DIY lip gloss recipes that will not only keep your lips look hydrated and healthy, but also let you track the ingredients you’re using since you’re making them all by yourself.

1. Simple creamy vanilla lip gloss

Simple creamy vanilla lip gloss

We know we talked about colour above, and we sure do love a cute pink gloss, but what about those days where you’re feeling au naturel, don’t want to have real makeup on, and really just need to hydrate your lips? Then smell becomes priority instead, and there are few smells we find more comforting than simple, rich vanilla! This creamy gloss recipe from Smart Schoolhouse will give you everything you need in a natural way without adding any extra shimmer or rouge to your face when you don’t need it.

2. Sheer cherry lip balm

Sheer cherry lip balm

Are you into the idea of a little bit of colour for your lips but you’d still refer a nice sheer look because you’re feeling natural today? Then this yummy smelling cherry recipe from Poppy Juice is just what you need! It’s got a little bit of a tint to it but not so much that it’ll look like you’re wearing lipstick but skipped the rest of your makeup routine. On top of that, it smells pleasantly like natural cherries!

3. Vaseline and Kool-Aid lip gloss

Vaselin and kool aid lip gloss

Do you actually find that the best solution to any dryness you feel around your lips to be simple Vaseline? Well, that’s easy to get and affordable to buy, and it’s also quite gentle if you have skin sensitivities. Using Vaseline, however, doesn’t mean you have to be excluded from the fun smelling lip gloss club! We love this tutorial from Margot Madison because it teaches you how to use a pack of Kool Aid powder that will cost you less than $1 to transform a portion of Vaseline into a yummy gloss that smells like fruity cocktails and gives you just a subtle touch of colour. Just make sure you don’t have any allergies to coloured food dyes first! Many Kool Aid flavours contain hints of red dye that some people’s skin doesn’t agree with.

4. Natural beeswax lip gloss

Homemade lip gloss recipe