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DIY Jewelry Involving Chains

We adore crafting for other people because we see the value of a handmade gift each and every time we see the face of someone we love light up over something we created ourselves. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to sit down and make something for ourselves! Usually when we choose to craft for our own tastes or style, the thing we like to make for ourselves the most is jewelry! Sometimes we like to make pretty, dainty things and other times we like to make really unique pieces that we know you’d probably never find in a store, but recently we’ve been the most obsessed with chains! Whether you’re working with thick or thin, plastic or metal, chains make an amazing accent piece in jewelry of all kinds, but we’re particularly fond of necklaces.

Check out these 15 awesome DIY necklaces that are all made using chains in different sizes and styles!

1. Nautical rope and chain knot necklace

Nautical rope and chain knot necklace

Have you always loved nautical themed aesthetics right down to the dress style, whether you’re a sailor or not? Nautical style has trended in and out in mainstream fashion any number of times, so sometimes nautical style jewelry is easily accessible and sometimes it’s a lot harder to find. That’s why we love learning how to make our own accessories! We love this sailor knotted necklace that’s been looped with rope and chains. Find out how it’s done on Crème de la Craft!

2. Pom pom and chain necklace

Pom pom orange necklace

Is your personal style a little bit more eccentric than most and you’re just not seeing anything that’s quite cool enough for you in stores? Then try making yourself something really unique instead! We love the way Scraphacker used a string of pom pom trim woven through a gold chain to make an awesome necklace.

3. Chunky materials braid necklace with chains

Braid necklace with chains

Have you always been a huge fan of upcycled jewelry and pieces that look intentionally repurposed in stylish ways? This aesthetic was very trendy recently, but we caught onto it late and now we can’t find precisely the look we’re dreaming of in stores. That’s why we were so excited when we found this tutorial from Brit + Co.! They’ve gathered all kinds of different strings, yarns, trims, and materials together with some jewelry chain and braided the thick strands together to make a necklace.

4. Jumble chain choker necklace

Jumble chain choker necklace

Do you quite like the jumbled idea of the necklace we just showed you above but you’d like it to be even more stylistically messy at the same time as it has perhaps a touch more class to the materials? Then follow in Useful DIY‘s lead and replace some of the strings and trims with pearl chains and braid or wrap the chains more loosely so they’re a bit more like a bunch than a rope instead.