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Refresh Your Face With These 20 DIY Face Masks!

Create an at-home spa day for yourself or you and the gals by diving into these fun recipes that will nourish and revitalize your skin! Learn how to create some beauty adventures right in your own kitchen and refresh your face with these 20 DIY face masks!

1. Honey & Lemon


Hot Beauty Health makes a sweet honey and lemon mask you’ll want to gobble right up, well, your face will want to at least. And this is the perfect brightening and tightening duo!

2. Simple Oatmeal

Simple Oatmeal DIY Face Mask

Check out this simple oatmeal face mask over at Michelle Phan. This is perfect for those wanting to try face masks but have sensitive skin!

3. Moisturizing Avocado


If you’re looking for nourishment and moisturizing properties then you’ll want to hop on over to Dr. Karen S. Lee. There’s a DIY avocado mask that you’ll want to try tonight!

4. Soothing Lavender

DIY Homemade Soothing Lavender Face Mask

Clones & Clowns makes a mask that’s not only moisturizing and soothing for your facial skin but also soothing too with the added bits of lavender. And to make it an easier recipe you can use either dry lavender or essential oil.

5. Yogurt and Green Clay


Hop on over to Victoria McGinley to gather all the details for making this yogurt and green clay face mask. You’ll add honey to this mixture too making it a powerhouse for your face.

6. Edible Mud

DIy Edible Mud Mask

How does an edible mud mask sound? Essentially Eclectic has all the details and ingredients to make it such as honey, cocoa, lemon juice and more!

7. Pumpkin

DIY Pumpkin Face Mask

Petite Elefant shows us how to utilize a fan favorite in the kitchen, pumpkin, and turn it into a real treat for your face. Pumpkin is full of beneficials bits that make for a great face mask!

8. Acne


If you have a problem with acne, you’ll want to check out this mask DIY over at Dear Crissy. Made with just two ingredients this mix will combat both pimples and blackheads.

9. Coffee Mud


Be.Daze.Live shows us how to revitalize our skin in just 20 minutes. With the combination of clay and coffee you’ll be so surprised at all of the benefits you’ll be reaping.

10. Skin Feast

DIy Face Mask

Soak up excess oil with this easy face mask from Byrdie. Apple juice, avocado and rice flour come together to hydrate, soothe and rid yourself of extra shine.

11. Impurity Removing


Self features this impurity removing homemade face mask and we just had to share it too. Get rid of all the guck stuck in your face with this charcoal mask.

12. Banana


You’ll want to check out this 3-ingredient banana face mask from Freebie Finding Mom. You’ll be able to add and mix in different ingredients depending on what you need as well.

13. Honey, Cinnamon, Nutmeg

DIY Face Mask

Liz Marie makes a honey, cinnamon and nutmeg face mask that will smell good enough to eat when finished! And it will brighten you’re skin in an instant!

14. Turmeric & Lemon

Another way to brighten and have your skin glowing is to make this face mask made with turmeric and lemon from The Glowing Fridge. It also has some added benefits like its anti-bacteria properties.

15. Green Tea & Honey


Check out this green tea and honey face mask from Wit & Delight. We love all of these natural and organic recipes that will be whipping your skin in to shape in no time.

16. Chocolate Oatmeal

All Natural DIY Chocolate Face Mask from TidyMom for GourmandeintheKitchen.com

Gourmande combines chocolate and oatmeal, and although it may sound delicious, it’s really great for your skin! Perfect for a variety of skin types or conditions, this will feel like a date to the spa right at home.

17. Brightening & Tightening


The Kitchen Mccabe shows us how to get your skin back in healthy form with this brightening and tightening mask. Made with lemon juice, egg whites and raw honey, you’ll love it!

18. Dessert

DIy Dessert Mask

Byrdie gives us another great idea for refreshing your face. Combine cocoa powder, salt and olive oil and slather it on repair cell damage and clear up blemishes.

19. Moisturizing Orange

diy orange face mask

Who loves citrus? With this recipe from Food + Words you’ll get the refreshing essence of oranges and the moisturizing qualities you need to revive your face.

20. Honey & Banana

honey banana organic homemade face mask

Sincerely, Kinsey shows us how to breathe new life in our skin throughout the colder, winter months with this sweet honey and banana face mask. It’s sure to help your dryness throughout the season!

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