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15 Delicious Floral Drink Recipes

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s finally spring, but something has us feeling fresh, rosy, and cheerful each morning this week and we’re not mad about that at all! The sun is out, the birds are singing, and there are flowers everywhere… even in our drinks. Yes, you read that right! Our latest obsession in the drink department, whether we’re just craving juice or a cocktail, is any beverage made with something floral! After all, who said dried blossoms and fresh floral flavours are only for herbal teas?

Check out these 15 delicious floral drink recipes that will have you feeling just as spring-ready and cheerful as we do in no time!

1. Frozen hibiscus margaritas

Frozen hibiscus margaritas

Is your favourite type of drink to unwind with after work when it’s finally time to see friends a refreshingly blended frozen cocktail? Then you’re definitely in the right arena for something floral and delicious. For warm evenings after a stressful work week, we suggest these fragrant frozen hibiscus margaritas by Pretty Girls Cook!

2. Martini rose

Martini rose

Is your taste in cocktails a little more subtle and light than a sweet frozen drink will give you? Then perhaps you’d prefer this martini rose instead! It’s still got a sweet after taste, but in a less overt way. You won’t feel thirsty from straight sugar after sipping this one! See how it’s made (right down to the stunning petal garnish) on ProFlowers.

3. Elderflower strawberry bubbles

Elderflower strawberry bubbles

Maybe this is just our super summery mood talking, but if you ask us, the absolute best thing to pair floral flavours with is fruit! No matter which blossoms or berries you choose, the combination tends to taste like a fresh summer’s day. That’s what we found when we tried this elderflower strawberry bubbles cocktail from Look What I Made! It’s the perfect choice if you’re a champagne lover.

4. Wild rose petal sangria

Wild rose petal sangria

If you ask us, there’s no arguing it; sangria is great. We especially love that there are so many different kinds of sangria out there, so no matter what fruit or floral flavours are your favourite, there’s a recipe for you! Today, we present wild rose petal sangria for your consideration. We have Feasting at Home to thank for the recipe!