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Genius Garage Organization Hacks

We love “life hacks”. There’s just something about finding funny, easy little tricks to make life simpler that makes us feel accomplished in our household and DIY endeavours. Lately, we’ve been feeling pretty good about how organized our home is, as well as how it’s all arranged. The place that needs some work, however, is our garage. It’s part work space and part storage area, so it gets a lot of use but hasn’t gotten much organizational attention as of late since it’s not somewhere that visitors often see. We’re hoping to use our DIY skills to change that!

Just in case you’re intent on making your garage space as awesome as the rest of your house just like we are, here are the 15 best DIY and homemade garage organization and storage hacks we’ve found so far in our quest for ideas for makeover our space!

1. Hanging garden box paint can storage

Hanging garden box paint can storage

Is your family the creative, colourful type and you’ve suddenly found yourself accumulating a whole collection of spray paint cans that you need to find space for, but that you still want to have accessible? Then take a look at this garden box storage idea from HGTV! They’ve fastened simple window ledge planters to the wall, one above the other, so their cans are contained in one place and out of the way but still nice and easy to reach for.

2. Folding chair hooks

Folding chair hooks

Do you have a big extended family that loves to come and visit, so you always keep lots of seating on hand for when everyone gathers around the dinner table, or perhaps the picnic table in the backyard? Well, we’d sure recommend getting the folding kind of chairs to make them easier to store, but where you do you put them once you’ve folded them all up? Well, House Organization suggests getting a set of metal wall hooks and hanging them there! Talk about a space saver.

3. Shoe pegs

Shoe pegs

Do you like the idea of peg storage because it gets clutter up off your floor, but it’s not folding chairs that are your problem right now? Then you’ll be happy to know that the same concept works for shoes as well! Sawdust Girl shows you how they did something similar with some wooden peg racks attached to the wall near the floor.

4. Mobile wooden work bench

Mobile wooden work bench

Are you experienced with wood working and not opposed to actually creating your own storage solutions if it means getting things up off the floor, organized, and easy to reach for? Then this awesome wheeling work bench is an awesome project idea for you! Shanty 2 Chic guides you through the process of measuring and cutting the lumber and building the structure in the size you need according to the space you have available and what you’re storing.