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Unique Crafts Made with Balloons

Whether we’re preparing for a special occasion or just looking for something fun to do, balloons have always been a hit in our house. That’s probably because they make both great décor and awesome toys. We love the way balloons (and things made with balloons) look and our kids love the way they stretch, expand, bounce, and do all kinds of other cool thing! Have you ever considered, though, how many other cool things you can do with balloons besides just blowing them up and putting them on a string? We hadn’t either until recently, but once we started looking into balloon crafting ideas, we were totally blown away.

Just in case you’re equally excited about the idea of making neat things with balloons as we were, here are 15 of our very favourite cool balloon crafts to make with our kids!

1. Rainbow balloon birthday wreath

Rainbow balloon birthday wreath

We’ve called this awesome craft a birthday wreath because it’s the perfect colourful piece to welcome guests to a fun party, but if we’re being fully honest with you, we’d probably happily make this any time of year! It’s just too cheerful looking to resist with all those colours in one place, plus we’re always fans of cool texture and crafting with unconventional materials. Six Sisters Stuff guides you through the process of fasting deflated balloons all over a wicker wreath or premade wreath ring to make sure you get that nice rounded shape even in the kookiest of designs.

2. String Easter eggs

String easter eggs


Crafting with balloons doesn’t always have to mean that the balloon itself becomes a primary part of the finished craft. Sometimes it’s actually more of a tool for making your project than it is a part of the project! These adorable little string wrapped Easter eggs are a perfect example of what we mean. Jubilee Reviews guides you through the process of popping a chocolate or two into a balloon, blowing it up just a little bit, and wrapping string dipped in glue around it to create an Easter egg shape. Wait until the glue dries, pop the balloon and pull the deflated rubber out, and voila! Chocolates in a cool art deco style egg.

3. Cut and paste balloon hens

Cut and paste balloon hens

Are your kids absolute balloon lovers, but you find that the more colourful, unique, and novelty the balloon looks, the more they love it? Well, novelty balloons are often more expensive, so instead of spending extra money, why not use the simple crafting supplies you already have at home to transform a bag of regular, affordable balloons from the dollar store? Then you get some funny décor, something fun to play with, and a whole afternoon of crafting, all out of one project! We love the way Fun Family Crafts used construction paper, scissors, and tape to transform their balloons into chickens and hens.

4. Lentil fruit bowl

Lentil fruit bowl

Were you intrigued by the idea of using an inflated balloon as a tool for crafting rather than the craft itself, but if you’re going to go to the trouble of spending your day making something, you’d rather have it be something you can reuse and set out for all to see? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll love this awesome lentil bowl from Saranyajo. Their tutorial guides you through the process of making a glue mixture with your lentils, spreading them across the widest, roundest end of a big inflated balloon, and letting them dry in that shape. Pop the balloon, clear the inside of your new bowl of leftover rubber, and voila! An all natural place to store your fruit or whatever else you please.