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Gorgeous DIY Belts Your Friends Will Envy

Being complimented on your sense of fashion is always a nice feeling, but it’s even better when you made the piece yourself! Perhaps you’re not quite ready to start sewing complete outfits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start with custom accessories.Check out these gorgeous belt ideas that will make your friends wonder where you shop!

1. Rope knot belt


Sincerely, Kinsey‘s rope belt tutorial shows you how to make a belt that is adorable, versatile, and totally trendy.

2. Rhinestone belt


Sometimes even the simplest bit of sparkle can transform an outfit. Check out how Style Me Pretty made this gorgeous belt out of a ribbon and some gems!

3. Ruffed belt


Whether you’re going to a wedding or a job interview, 100 Layer Cake‘s ruffled belt is perfect for any occasion.

4. Bling belt


Cut Out and Keep guides you through the process of making a subtle but sparkly bling belt in just a few simple steps.

5. Metal belt


Give your outfit a bit of an urban twist with A Pair and a Spare‘s metal belt tutorial!

6. Tassel belt


Check out this recreation of a Gucci belt by Honestly WTF! Why pay high designer label prices when you can make it yourself?

7. Beaded belt


SMS Fun shows you how to make a gorgeous statement belt from detailed beaded appliques!

8. Baroque belt


Style Slicker’s delicate Baroque belt lets you class up just about any outfit.

9. Bowtie belt


Ana Maria Munoz breaks down the process of making this adorable bowtie belt to give your look a little playful personality.

10. Circle belt


Let Brit + Co show you how to create this simple but super mod circle belt!

11. Felt flower belt


This belt is perfect for adults and kids alike. Find out how to make it on I am Momma, Hear Me Roar.

12. Door knocker belt


Honestly WTF has the perfect tutorial for recreating a gorgeous Moschino design without breaking your bank.

13. Fabric flower belt


Here’s another adorable belt idea that works for kids and adults alike! Check out how it’s done on Emily Sparks.

14. Pop can tab belt


There’s nothing like a good DIY project that also upcycles! Plan B shows you how to make an adorable tie-up fringe belt using the tabs from your pop cans.

15. Looping circles belt


Not only does Love Maegan‘s tutorial show you how to make an adorable belt, but it also shows you how that belt can be used as a variety of other accessories as well!

Have you designed other DIY belts that your friends went wild for? Tell us about how you did it in the comments section!

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