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15 Fun Baked Salt Dough Crafts

If you’re a mom, a teacher, or even just a DIY enthusiast, then you probably know a lot about dough. Baking dough for pizza and homemade bread is something you’ll work with often if you like cooking or baking. Play Dough is something you’ve probably got a home recipe for on call if there are kids in your life. Our favourite kind of homemade dough, however, isn’t actually either of these! If you’ve never made salt dough before then you’re in for a whole lot of crafting fun.

Check out these 15 awesome DIY projects that are easy to make and even come with tutorials for how the salt dough itself is made!

1. Cookie cutter snow flakes

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Working with salt dough is a lot of fun because it starts out malleable, meaning you can mould it into just about anything and cut it into shapes very easily. At the same time, it dries solidly if you leave it sitting out in the open over night, making it perfect for moulding decorative ornaments. We love the way Grubby Little Faces used cookies cutters to make snowflake shaped ornaments, treating the salt dough just like cookie dough.

2. Salt dough hand prints

Salt dough hand prints

One of the best things about working with salt dough is how many different kinds of crafts you can make with it and how many different techniques you can use. If you’re not really into the idea of cutting shapes out, maybe you’d prefer impressing an image into the dough instead? Pinstake suggests creating a salt dough handprint that will preserve the size of your kids’ hands just the way they are right now before they grow up.

3. Salt dough fossils

Salt dough fossils

Have you ever seen fossil rocks and observed how awesome the shape of a prehistoric plant or dinosaur bone looks impressed into the surface of a rock after years of decompression underground? When we first showed our kids what fossils looked like, they were obsessed for months after. That’s why we showed them how to make their own fossils from salt dough! Adventures At Home With Mum shows you how to make different shapes that look just like the real thing.

4. Salt dough heart necklace

Salt dough heart necklace

When you work with crafting tools that let you create from the very beginning, do you prefer moulding your own shapes so you can really make the piece custom and the way you want it? Then salt dough is the perfect medium for you! Check out how Lady With the Red Rocker made these adorable little heart pendants and painted them to really catch people’s eye.

5. Salt dough footprints

Salt dough footprints