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Homemade Placemat Ideas

Placemats might not be something you use every day, particularly if you’re the kind of person who tends to eat on the go, standing up while you chat, or sitting by the TV so you can relax. We, however, still think they’re versatile things to have around, particularly if you have kids. We put one under the cat’s water dish, under our messiest crafts, and under every meal we serves our kids. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to have cuter placemats than your regular rough and tumble ones because they look so good when you set the table for a nice real family dinner!

Does that mean you have to spend a fortune on fancy placemats that you’ll only use a few times a year? Of course not! Check out these 15 awesome DIY placemat designs that will jazz up your dinner table every time they’re used.

1. Washi tape placemats

Washi tape placemats

This adorably striped and pattern washi tape placemat idea from Brit + Co. is a versatile one. If you just need cute decorative placemats that are affordable but still fit the colour scheme for your birthday party, use this technique on plain white paper placemats that you can easily discard after. If, however, you’re looking for something easy and DIY but that will last a little longer, stick your tape to plastic placemats instead!

2. Dip dye placemats

Dip dye placemats

Have you always preferred cloth and fabric placemats to paper and plastic? Don’t worry, those are quite simple to make yourself as well. Buy plain white cloth mats (or make your own from scratch if you’re feeling very creative) and follow Design Love Fest‘s guide for dip dying! The fading effect towards the middle will be impressive no matter what colours you use.

3. Thankful placemat

Thankful placemat

Are you stockpiling festive, holiday, and themed placemat ideas so that you can create a cute custom tablescape for every holiday dinner you host this year? Then here’s a Thanksgiving design for your early consideration! Oh My Deer Handmades shows you how to make your placemats interactive by writing “I’m Thankful For…” on cardstock, leaving some blank lines, and giving each guest a pencil so they can fill in the lines with what they’re thankful for. Share them with everyone around the table for some bonding time!

4. Wooden stencil placemat

Wooden stencil placemat

Perhaps you’d like something longer lasting but that’s a little more rustic than plastic? Then thin wooden particle board is a great tool for you! Leaving the board just plain would look quite natural, but we’d also get bored of that pretty quickly. That’s why we like A Subtle Revelry‘s idea of using simply shaped stencils to create a repeating themed pattern across the top. They used little Christmas trees in different shapes and sizes but you could use any little stencils you please!