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DIY Ideas for Your Feather Obsession

Feathers are the kind of crafting tool that are easy to become totally obsessed with because there are so many different colours and kinds to choose from. Of course, the best feathered crafts are the ones that are made with synthetic or cruelty-free feathers. They can make home decor look whimsical, add some texture to wall art, or give your outfit an extra flair of style.

Check out these 15 adorable feathered crafts that will be right up your alley.

1. Gold dipped feathers

Gold dipped feathers

Ryan, Michelle, and Elli Mae suggest dipping feathers into gold paint and glitter to they look glitzy and glamorous. Make this technique the entire craft by putting a handful of these in a case or do this first and them use those feathers for other feathered crafts!

2. Feathered clips for shoes or scarves

Feathered clips for shoes or scarves

By Wilma shows you how to create simple feathers clips using clip-on earrings. Use those clips to jazz up all kinds of things! Clip them to your shoes, a scarf, or a purse.

3. Feathered garland

Feathered garland

Sometimes the feathers are the point of the craft, so the project is pretty easy! In this feather garland by How Did You make This?, for example, the whole point is just to enjoy the feathers in all their glory. All you have to do is attach the ends to a string or ribbon and hang them up!

4. Feathered hair accessories

Feathered hair accessories

Pearls and Scissors walks you through the process of making your own hair feathers! These are perfect to wear with a “Boho chic” type look and they’ll look especially natural and whimsical in the summer.