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50 Drawing DIYs For Your Kiddos To Create On A Rainy Day

The rain is falling. The children are bored. So, get out all the arts and crafts. Below, you’ll have the opportunity to sift through 50 drawing DIYs for your kiddos to create on a rainy day. They can tap into their creativity, expand their imagination, and test some of their artistic skills with any one of these fun projects.

1. Printed Phone Case

Diy tribal printed phone case

Unexpected Expectations will walk you through a super easy tutorial for personalizing one’s own phone case. Your kiddos can get really creative with their designs. All they need are some Sharpie markers and a solid or clear phone case to get started.

2. Surprise Ferocious Beings

Diy surprise ferocious beings

Over at Craft Whack,o you’ll learn how to teach your little one’s the wonder behind these fun creatures. From sweet to aggressive in such mere moments, this will be a fun, rainy day project to have the kiddos participate in.

3. Drawing Robot

Diy drawing robot

Okay, so this isn’t a project that you draw yourself. Instead, you’ll be DIYing the robot that will do the drawing. And we think the kiddos will absolutely love this one. Check it out at Hellow Wonderful.

4. Wildflowers

Botanical line drawing step five

Over at Brit + Co you can learn how to draw any wildflower in just five easy steps. Just think of how many different creations you can muster up with this tutorial! They’ll walk you through it with ease!

5. Feathers

Feather drawing