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15 Awesome Oatmeal Recipes to Fuel You and Keep You Warm This Fall

We might be DIY and crafting enthusiasts first, but there’s also a huge part of us that will always dedicate some time to the “foodie” life. We’re not as hard core as some foodies, but we certainly like to explore new recipes, amp up our classic favourite dishes, and eat certain things depending on the time of year. Enjoying specific meals seasonally really just helps us get even more excited than we already would be when it comes to things like the weather changing for fall and some of our favourite holidays approaching. The first thing we usually change about our diet when fall comes is how much oatmeal we eat! It’s warm, satisfying, and no matter what we’re making, the taste of oatmeal just makes us feel the autumn spirit.

Just in case you’re as enthusiastic about fall time oatmeal recipes as we are, here’s a list of 15 of our favourite dishes involving oatmeal to get you started!

1. Ayurvedic matcha oatmeal

Ayurvedic matcha oatmeal

Ayurveda is a system of natural medical belief that emphasizes healing through foods that are packed full of good nutrients. We don’t always stick to an Ayurvedic lifestyle or diet, but we certainly support the tenets and on top of that, we really enjoy the food whenever we do try a recipe! That’s why we were so open to trying this delicious Ayurvedic oatmeal from Breakfast Criminals. It’s made with oats, almond milk, matcha, raw honey, and, as if that doesn’t sound delicious enough, it’s topped with banana, golden plum, and mixed dried berries!

2. Chocolate chip cookie dough oatmeal

Chocolate chip cookie dough oatmeal

Okay, we know we said that we liked eating oatmeal in the morning because it’s a healthy option before school and work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself sometimes, right? Right! That’s why this absolutely scrumptious chocolate cookie dough recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie caught our eye so well! We love finding ways to make our favourite dishes (like oatmeal) taste like our other favourite treats (like chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough). Check out their full tutorial to see how it’s made!

3. Peanut butter banana oatmeal

Peanut butter banana oatmeal

Perhaps you’d love an oatmeal that’s packing a lot of rich flavour, but you’d still like your breakfast to have more nutrients and actually taste like a breakfast rather than a dessert? In that case, we have a feeling you might prefer this flavourful peanut butter banana oatmeal instead! It’s got fruit, it’s got sweetness, and it’s got those classically good tummy-filling oats that will keep you fuelled until lunch time. Get the full details on Oh She Glows.

4. Pumpkin pie oatmeal

Pumpkin pie oatmeal

It’s firmly fall now, which means pumpkin spice season has finally arrived! Our friends have all gone totally crazy for the return of the pumpkin spice latte, and we can’t say we blame them. Beyond the latte, there are countless delicious pumpkin spice treats you can enjoy all season long, even at breakfast! One of our very favourites is this pumpkin pie inspired oatmeal recipe from Spark People. We fully admit that we ate this almost every single morning for breakfast last fall, and that we’re fully prepared to do so again this year until we can’t possibly handle another bite.

5. Mint chocolate chip oatmeal

Mint chocolate chip oatmeal

Have you always been more a fan of unconventional recipes that combine two foods you love separately and that each taste delicious, but that you wouldn’t usually find mixed together? We love those too, but we don’t always see them in the realm of breakfast foods; they’re more of a lunchtime or dessert thing. This mint chocolate chip oatmeal recipe from Xtina Luvs Pink, however, is an exception to that rule! The green colour might be a little off putting to some people, but we’ve tried it in real life and we loved every refreshing bite.

6. Cranberry orange crock pot oatmeal

Cranberry orange crock pot oatmeal

When it comes to spicing up your oatmeal a little bit in the flavour department, not everyone loves sweet tastes in the morning quite as much as we do. We can understand that! Not all of our family members actually like to involve things like chocolate in their breakfast repertoire, so we like to collect lots of recipes involving fruit and berries instead as well. Looking for those is how we came across this deliciously flavour packed orange and cranberry oatmeal recipe from Jennifer’s Kitchen!

7. Baked apple cinnamon oatmeal

Baked apple cinnamon oatmeal

Just in case you are precisely the type of person who wishes they could have dessert for breakfast every day (don’t worry, we’re on the same page), here’s another uniquely flavoured recipe that tastes like a classic after dinner treat, but with less sugar and more of the morning time nutrients you really need! The Sugar Lump guides you through the process of making a delicious homemade oatmeal that tastes just like baked apple cinnamon crumble.

8. Vanilla bean oatmeal bake

Vanilla bean oatmeal bake

Speaking of things being “baked” in the context of oatmeal, have you ever actually had a baked oatmeal? If not, then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out! To get you started, here’s a mildly flavoured but absolutely delicious baked oatmeal idea from Clean Eating Veggie Girl! Their oatmeal bake tastes every so lightly of vanilla, making it a great breakfast option for sweet lovers who know they shouldn’t start their day off too sweet.

9. Candy cane cookie dough oatmeal

Candy cane cookie dough oatmeal

It might only be fall so far since winter weather hasn’t quite arrived yet where we are, but that doesn’t mean we don’t all have that one friend who is already in full on Christmas mode, just waiting for the holidays to arrive! Sometimes we find that the early holiday spirit is contagious, and suddenly we’re craving Christmas baking and the like as well. We don’t always give in as early as this, but we do occasionally save a recipe or two into our archives to try out when the time is right, just to build up the anticipation of somethin special later. That’s how we ended up saving this delicious candy cane cookie dough oatmeal recipe from The Oatmeal Artist! This one is definitely a recipe for special occasions like Christmas morning, though. We promise we don’t usually eat candy for breakfast.

10. Peanut butter and jelly oatmeal

Peanut butter and jelly oatmeal

Were you very intrigued by the idea of the banana peanut butter oatmeal we showed you earlier, but you’re actually not a huge fan of bananas even though peanut butter is your favourite thing? Perhaps you actually just enjoy peanut butter recipes the most when they involve jam or jelly as well, so you really get the full experience. In that case, you’re going to adore this peanut butter and jelly oatmeal from A Whisk and Two Wands! It tastes just like your favourite sandwich from childhood, but it’s better for you to have in the morning than just a couple pieces of bread.

11. Dark chocolate chip banana bread oatmeal

Dark chocolate chip banana bread oatmeal

Have you been scrolling through this list not able to decide which recipe you actually like best and wishing you could combine a few of the ones we’ve shown you so far? Well, there’s nothing stopping you, so go right ahead! Just in case you need a little bit of inspiration, here’s a combination of the bananas featured in the peanut butter banana oatmeal and the chocolate chips from the cookie dough recipe, all rolled into one chocolate chip banana bread inspired creation from Sincerely, Mindy. We love the idea of using dark chocolate chips, since they really are just a little bit healthier than regular once due to the difference in sugar content.

12. Fudgy banana peanut butter oatmeal

Fudgy banana peanut butter oatmeal

Perhaps you’ve been drooling over the idea of combining the chocolate and the banana elements of the other recipes, but you’re just not willing to give up the peanut butter aspect of things in order to get the taste you’re craving? In that case, we think this mouth watering recipe from The Oatmeal Artist will solve your problems for you! They show you how to add a bit of coco to your oatmeal itself so you can enjoy a chocolate element in there with your bananas and peanut butter.

13. Almond Joy oatmeal

Almond joy oatmeal

Are you still kind of hooked on the idea of making yourself a breakfast food that tastes like one of your favourite treats but still gives you a nice, fully tummy full of healthier things than just eating a whole candy bar for breakfast would? In that case, we’d like to direct your attention to this utterly delicious creation from Cookin’ Cowgirl! They’ve combined chocolate chips, almonds, some vanilla, and lovely coconut shavings into their morning oatmeal to make it taste just like an Almond Joy bar but without all that sugar.

14. Blueberry coconut baked oatmeal

Blueberry coconut bake oatmeal

Is your mind still totally preoccupied by the concept of baked oatmeal recipes but you’re not sure apples are quite the ingredient you want to go with? Then perhaps you’d prefer something berry based instead! We’re particularly in love with this awesome blueberry coconut creation from Marla Meredith even though we know that it’s a slightly more high maintenance breakfast option than the average person has time for in the morning. Try baking it the night before and just quickly warming it when you wake up!

15. Peaches n’ cream oatmeal

Peaches n' cream oatmeal

All of these novelty flavours and baked oatmeal recipes are great and everything, but we also know that some people, despite wanting a little bit of flavour, really just want to enjoy a classic, good old bowl of creamy oatmeal on a chilly fall morning. In that case, we’ve found a recipe that might appeal to you a lot more. Colourful Palate suggests trying your hand at this totally fragrant and absolutely scrumptious peaches and cream recipe that does, in fact, taste exactly like the best peaches and cream you could imagine.

Do you know someone who loves oatmeal just as much as we do, if not more? Share this post with them so to help them discover some awesome new ways to enjoy their favourite fall ingredient!

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