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15 Gourmet Burger Ideas That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Fall is here and barbecue season might be nearing its end, but we’ve had unseasonably warm weather where we live! For weeks now we’ve been waking up and taking tentative steps onto our porches to see how chilly the world outside is, only to be pleasantly surprised with mild temperatures and lots of sun. For us, this means one thing: the chance to take advantage of this bonus outdoor grilling time! It nature is going to be so kind as to give us barbecue weather further into fall than usual, you can bet we’ll making ourselves delicious burgers until the bitter end of grilling season.

Because we feel so lucky to have this unseasonably warm fall weather, we also feel like every grilling session we have now should be a sort of finale celebration, since it could be our last one of the season. That’s why we’ve been branching out from our usual classic barbecued patties on traditionally topped burger buns and getting into the land of gourmet burger recipes. Just in case you’re taking as much advantage as you can of your bonus grilling weather too, here are 15 of our very favourite fancy burger recipes for your barbecued pleasure!

1. Giant onion ring burgers

Giant onion ring burgers

Are you feeling pretty set in your ways when it comes to the actual patty and construction of the burger itself, but you don’t mind putting a slight twist on the toppings you choose? Well, getting creative with toppings doesn’t have to mean that you’re slapping wildly unconventional things on your meat. You can totally include things that are already burger meal favourites but usually just come on the side and not the top, so you know you like them! These flavourful fried onion ring burgers from Food and Wine are the perfect example of what we mean.

2. Meat lover’s cheesy stuffed pizza burger

Meat lover's cheesy stuffed pizza burger

Have you always loved crazy combination recipes that let you mash up two of your favourite foods in one place? Then we have a feeling we’ve found just the recipe for you thanks to The Slow Roasted Italian. Their guide shows you how to make a cheese stuffed burger topped with more cheese, pepperoni, and marinara sauce so that the whole thing tastes like pizza too. It’s basically the stuff dreams are made of.

3. The chicken ninja

The chicken ninja

When you think of a “gourmet” burger, does your mind automatically wander to some of the more unique recipes you’ve seen in restaurants or on TV at the big named eateries? Then we’ve got an amazingly trendy and restaurant worthy gourmet burger recipe for you right here! The “chicken ninja” featured on Feed The Lion includes panko chicken, katsu, curry sauce, Tokyo slaw, salad, miso ketchup, and a charcoal bun. Don’t let the colour of the bun put you off; this flavourful creation tastes the farthest thing from charred!

4. Black bean veggie burger

Black bean veggie burger

Is part of the reason you’re always looking for creative burger recipes that you’re vegetarian, so you have to get creative with your grilling options already anyways? Then here’s an especially delicious DIY patty option for you to try, rather than buying your usual run of the mill veggie patties from the local grocery mart!  The Fig tree guides you through the process of making an organic black bean veggie patty, topping it with a mushroom cap, avocado slices, and your favourite cheese.