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15 Gourmet Burger Ideas That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Fall is here and barbecue season might be nearing its end, but we’ve had unseasonably warm weather where we live! For weeks now we’ve been waking up and taking tentative steps onto our porches to see how chilly the world outside is, only to be pleasantly surprised with mild temperatures and lots of sun. For us, this means one thing: the chance to take advantage of this bonus outdoor grilling time! It nature is going to be so kind as to give us barbecue weather further into fall than usual, you can bet we’ll making ourselves delicious burgers until the bitter end of grilling season.

Because we feel so lucky to have this unseasonably warm fall weather, we also feel like every grilling session we have now should be a sort of finale celebration, since it could be our last one of the season. That’s why we’ve been branching out from our usual classic barbecued patties on traditionally topped burger buns and getting into the land of gourmet burger recipes. Just in case you’re taking as much advantage as you can of your bonus grilling weather too, here are 15 of our very favourite fancy burger recipes for your barbecued pleasure!

1. Giant onion ring burgers

Giant onion ring burgers

Are you feeling pretty set in your ways when it comes to the actual patty and construction of the burger itself, but you don’t mind putting a slight twist on the toppings you choose? Well, getting creative with toppings doesn’t have to mean that you’re slapping wildly unconventional things on your meat. You can totally include things that are already burger meal favourites but usually just come on the side and not the top, so you know you like them! These flavourful fried onion ring burgers from Food and Wine are the perfect example of what we mean.

2. Meat lover’s cheesy stuffed pizza burger

Meat lover's cheesy stuffed pizza burger

Have you always loved crazy combination recipes that let you mash up two of your favourite foods in one place? Then we have a feeling we’ve found just the recipe for you thanks to The Slow Roasted Italian. Their guide shows you how to make a cheese stuffed burger topped with more cheese, pepperoni, and marinara sauce so that the whole thing tastes like pizza too. It’s basically the stuff dreams are made of.

3. The chicken ninja

The chicken ninja

When you think of a “gourmet” burger, does your mind automatically wander to some of the more unique recipes you’ve seen in restaurants or on TV at the big named eateries? Then we’ve got an amazingly trendy and restaurant worthy gourmet burger recipe for you right here! The “chicken ninja” featured on Feed The Lion includes panko chicken, katsu, curry sauce, Tokyo slaw, salad, miso ketchup, and a charcoal bun. Don’t let the colour of the bun put you off; this flavourful creation tastes the farthest thing from charred!

4. Black bean veggie burger

Black bean veggie burger

Is part of the reason you’re always looking for creative burger recipes that you’re vegetarian, so you have to get creative with your grilling options already anyways? Then here’s an especially delicious DIY patty option for you to try, rather than buying your usual run of the mill veggie patties from the local grocery mart!  The Fig tree guides you through the process of making an organic black bean veggie patty, topping it with a mushroom cap, avocado slices, and your favourite cheese.

5. Gorgonzola bacon burger

Gorgonzole bacon burger

Is your favourite kind of gourmet burger the kind that involves essentially only the standard ingredients you’d find on a classic burger, but this time it’s the highest quality or fancy versions of all those things, rather than the no-name brands you already have in your fridge? Then here’s a fantastic “traditional” burger combination for you! Anna Costa Food suggests topping your burger with bacon and gorgonzola cheese rather than just a patty and a cheddar cheese slice.

6. Red Robin banzai burger

Red robin banzai burger

Are you a huge fan of eating out but, even more than that, you’re a huge fan of making the delicious recipes you’d order at your favourite restaurants at home so you can save a little bit of money and enjoy them in peace and quiet on nights that you don’t feel like eating out? Well, if you’ve ever had the banzai burger from Red Robin, you’re in luck. This recipe from Daring Gourmet shows you how to prep the perfect burger and top it with pineapple rings for extra flavour.

7. Gourmet turkey burger on a baguette

Gourmet turkey burger on a baguette

Perhaps you’re actually tryin to make healthier choices than usual right now, but you’re such a grill lover that you’re still looking for burger options that you can enjoy until fall finally gets too chilly? Then perhaps turkey burgers are a better idea for you! This delicious recipe from American Heritage Cooking suggests putting your turkey patty on a slice of baguette and topping it with caramelized onions and sun dried tomatoes.

8. Blue cheese burger

Blue cheese burger

When it comes to enjoying the perfectly grilled burger, do you actually find that your preferences have more to do with the cheese that you put on it rather than the burger itself? Then here’s a recipe for the cheese lovers out there who love a stronger, much more flavourful cheese than your average slice of cheddar! Laloosh shows you how to make a fragrant blue cheese burger that’s almost decadent.

9. Caprese burger

Caprese burger

If you’ve ever had caprese salad, with flavourful ripe tomatoes, basil, and buffalo mozzarella, then you can probably already guess how fragrant and delicious this gourmet burger from Grumpy’s Honey Bunch is going to be. If you haven’t had caprese salad but the ingredients we just listed all sound appealing to you separately, then just trust us on this one and give it a try! Mixing the basic concepts of that salad with a juicy patty makes your burger taste surprisingly fresh.

10. Southern pimento cheeseburger

Southern pimento cheeseburger

Have your personal tastes, whether you’re eating gourmet or not, always had a little more spice and kick to them, without being so strong that your meal will blow your socks off? Then we’ve found the perfect burger recipe for you Wholesome Mommy shows you how to make not just a burger, but also a cheese based jalapeno spread that’s so flavourful it’ll make your mouth water, but with just enough spice to really make putting the effort for a gourmet burger in worth it.

11. Blue cheese stuffed burger

Stuffed burger

Did you really like the sounds of the blue cheese burger we were talking about above but the idea of just changing the kind of cheese you’re placing on top of the patty isn’t quite gourmet enough for what you had in mind when you pictured making a fancier burger for the end of the season? In that case, we think you’ll get a kick out of how Stuffed Hamburgers put the blue cheese inside their burger instead! We promise it’s not really as complicated to do as it sounds.

12. Mexican chicken burger

Mexican chicken burger

If we’re being fully honest with you, chicken burgers might actually be our favourite thing to grill in the whole world. There’s just something about chicken done on a barbecue that’s extra flavourful and delicious, and that’s before you even get it onto a burger with deliciously fresh toppings! Daily Gourmet UK shows you how to up the ante even more by making a grilled chicken burger that’s been marinated in Mexican spices to give it just a bit of kick.

13. Rosemary lemon turkey burger with brie, raspberry jam, and arugula

Rosemary lemon turkey burger with brie, raspberry jam, and arugula

When you were picturing the ingredients list for your gourmet burger, were you thinking of things that you’d normally never find on a burger but that are still fresh and wouldn’t be considered novelty or too unconventional? Then here’s a recipe from The Kitchen Prep Blog that will give you an actual taste experience rather than just a slightly different flavour than your average, everyday burger. They guide you through the process of making homemade rosemary-lemon turkey burgers and topping them with brie cheese, raspberry jam, and arugula.

14. Spicy burger stuffed with brie cheese

Burger stuffed with brie cheese

Have you been thinking about the concept of a cheese stuffed burger since we showed you the blue cheese option above, but you’re not actually a bug fan of blue cheese? Well, no one says you can’t switch things up a little bit! Here’s an alternative recipe from Popsugar that shows you how to stuff a spicy seasoned burger patty with brie cheese instead.

15. Peanut butter bacon burger

Peanut butter bacon burger

The whole idea of putting peanut butter on a burger might sound a little strange, but if you’ve never tried it before then we’re sorry to inform you that you’ve been missing out! It’s not too late to catch the trend though, especially with awesome recipes like this one from Food 52 going around. They guide you through the process of not just making a deliciously juicy barbecued burger, but also topping it with a combination of delicious crispy bacon and- you guessed it- peanut butter.

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